Two! Operation Christmas Child Countdown:


Countdown 2

QUICK TIP: Remember to attach the label with glue or tape on one end of the shoebox, and secure the lid with a rubberband.

Last week, I shared about being a Village Grandma.

How about putting together teams of Village Grandmas?

Flower Loom Flowers

Judy, a precious older lady at church makes yarn flowers by the dozens with her flower loom.

Judy's Flowers

She brings the flowers to me at church, and I attach them to crocheted goodies for Operation Christmas Child.  I adapted the Dots & Poppies pattern in Unexpected Afghans to make the doll blanket above.

Teamwork of Shoebox Love

Do you have someone in your church or family who likes to make bobbles or appliques? Consider teaming up with them!

You can add bobbles to just about anything made with yarn or fabric.

Talk about teamwork …


God is at Work at Home … and Beyond

Have you read Franklin Graham’s book,Operation Christmas Child: A Story of Simple Gifts?


Do you wonder if God is at work

Lifeway offers a sample of the 1st chapter free.

This book is not what I expected. It’s more than I expected.  Hmmmm, rather like God Himself.

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REALITY CHECK:  I think the time may be coming when I won’t be adding a reality check to my blog posts. They sure helped me for a season, but maybe the seasons are changing in cyber life, as much as they are in real life.

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