City Rescue Mission Sock Drive

CRM Sock Drive

At the suggestion of a fellow Ravelry-er, I’m reading A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber, in which the main character is teaching a How to Knit Socks class.

As a wee-beginner in the knitting realm, I’ve certainly not reached the sock-making level. Although, the yarn store owner in the book assures us it’s not as difficult as it sounds. And yah, it still sounds difficult.

Today’s World

The nice thing about today’s world is we don’t have to wait to learn how to make socks (although did you see this cute crocheted slippers?) we can just go to the store and buy them.

Unless, we’re homeless.

Sock Drive

I’m a frugality freak. It’s hard for me to spend more money on gas to drop off socks than it is on the socks themselves. I have the advantage of living with a counselor who works at CRM, so when we have something to donate, we can send it along with him.

For Those Who Don’t Live With My Husband  🙂

Here are some ways you can make a one-sock drop-off a many-sock drop-off:

  • Set up a Sock Collection Station at your workplace or church. Print out the .pdf flyer so people know CRM needs new socks. No sharing stinkies, please.


  • Send a donation to CRM earmarked (foot-marked?): Socks.


  • Plan a play date in the sock department. Let every kid pick out a pair, then one mom drops them off on the way to the park.


  • Do the flash mob thing at a favorite store! Then get coffee together afterwards.


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