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QUICK TIP: It’s better to make two nearly full boxes rather than one over-stuffed box. Better to reach two with some, than one with none.

Four Lessons the Lord Taught on a Distribution Trip

Jennifer McNair, Area Coordinator for Lake/Sumter FL Area Team, spoke at our local Operation Christmas Child countdown meeting this year, sharing her experiences on a distribution trip to the Philippines.

This is what she learned – and wants us to know back on the homefront, where hands and hearts build shoeboxes, one gift at a time:

Four Lessons the Lord Taught

#1 Challenges Our Expectations

A homefront application is that there is “nothing typical” about shoebox contents.

Like a distribution, there are certain basics we follow, but each shoebox, each distribution, each year has its own flavor.

Love is love.


#2 is a HUGE Breath of Relief!

Do you worry that you aren’t putting together a perfect box? Do you fear that this thing or that thing isn’t the perfect thing?

Shoeboxing is a time to put away our perfectionism (see Number One).

Follow the 6 Simple Rules of Do Not and your shoebox is good to go!

Gifts are gifts.

#3 Offers Relief and Reassurance

Our circumstances, our cultures may be different, but our humanity is alike. We all laugh over fun stuff, cry over sad stuff.

And our human need for a Savior is our human need for a Savior.

Human is human.


#4 Gives a Challenge – and a Purpose

Shoeboxing isn’t just about making crafts, buying gifts, catching post-holiday sales, scoring 10 cent notebooks. All that is a joy and a pleasure!

But the reason we do it all is the Gospel, the good news that:

  • Jesus came down from heaven.
    • To live among men
    • To die by the hands of men
    • To save us from the very sin that sent Him to the cross

Out of love, Jesus came as a gift to humans.

He is the gift.

Of life.

Of Operation Christmas Child.

At home – and beyond.


Two Challenges Sandwiching Two Reliefs

Isn’t that just like His style of teaching? Smile




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  1. I heard her speak at our area meeting! So cool! I’d love to go on a mission trip to distribute boxes someday!

  2. I hope you have the opportunity, Beth Anne! If you do, be sure to tell us all about it! 🙂 What was your favorite take-away thought from the local meeting?

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