It’s Here! Operation Christmas Child Collection Week


It's Here

QUICK TIP: Double-bag hard candy and gum.

Where have all the shoeboxes gone?

Nearly 10 million shoeboxes were sent to 111 countries in 2013 alone.

Where did they go? Check out the 2013 Global Distribution Map from Operation Christmas Child. The deep green countries are sending countries.

Global Distribution 2013 OCC

White Spots

White spots represent non-participating or sensitive countries.

Some shoeboxes were shipped to sensitive countries that can’t be named in order to maintain the safety of our ministry partners who live and work there. – Jordan Roten, OCC

From Packer to Receiver

Each box we pack goes to a child.  A real, live child.

One box, one child.

That’s 9.9 million children, in one year, who heard the Gospel – the good news that Jesus Christ took our sins on His own self, so we could live in freedom and forgiveness, here and hereafter.

Influence: Church to Church

Shoeboxes impact individuals, but did you know they influence churches – and whole communities?

Watch this short video to see how shoeboxes make an eternal difference, church to church:

Email subscribers, click here to see the video.

Pack a Shoebox

Share your love of Christ and His love for all by packing a shoebox this year. You will be making an eternal difference!

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