It Continues! Operation Christmas Child

 It Continues

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Operation Christmas Child’s 2014 Collection Week is over. The boxes are on their way to children around the world. But the story isn’t over.

Do You Ever Wonder if God is at Work?

Do you wonder if God is at work in the fallen world? We hear reports of terrorism, freedom-snatching, and life-threatening viruses. It looks bad out there.

It is bad out there.

But God is also out there. And He is at work.

I Would Have Lost Heart Unless

I’ve come back to that verse over and over and over again this year. And last year. And the years before that.

Each time my heart felt like it was going to sink, He lifted me up. He is lifting me up today, too.

We All Need Reassurance

We all need reassurance that God is still at work, even in the midst of the mud of the fallen world.

Here’s a book by Franklin Graham, Operation Christmas Child: A Story of Simple Gifts, that gives us a glimpse, just a glimpse, into the wonder-working, love-offering, hope-giving work of God in the world.


Do you wonder if God is at work

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