Black Friday Through Cyber Monday: Bright Ideas Press Sale


You know I’ve not been much of an affiliate marketer this year, but when one of my all-time favorite homeschool publishers has a sale like this, how can I not share with you, my favorite followers!


And hey, if you don’t homeschool, you should still check out this publisher.  Their resources rock!

And be sure to use that code gobblegobble to get your sale price!* 

Don’t they come up with the best discount codes?  Smile

What is an affiliate? It means it won’t cost you any more for them to pay me a little based on sales of digital doodads, if you click from my website to theirs.


Happy Pink Friday!**


*some exclusions apply, limited sale time

[update: sale is now over, but the resources still rock!)


** My daughter renamed it Pink Friday many years ago, and it still amazes me that folks still call it Black Friday.  Well, sometimes change is slow.  🙂

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