Waving Good-bye to a Year of Whimsy


Waving Goodbye to a Year of Whimsy

Year of Whimsy

At first, I called it my Sabbatical Year, a year of making no major decisions about my life, my universe, my anything.

I had homeschooled for 20+ years, if you include the early years. The calendar was suddenly looking mighty blank and I didn’t know how it would be filled.  And I didn’t want to know. Not exactly, at least.

My sabbatical began when both young adults were settled into college the fall of 2013, but my Year of Whimsy didn’t really begin until January 2014.

It took me a few months to grasp the concept.  Smile

A Smattering of Whimsy

Here’s a smattering of the whimsy which was my year …



Crochet for the Homeless

“It’s gonna be a good year. And if not a good year, it will be a God year.  And if a God year, a good year.”   — A Series of Causes


Crochet for Operation Christmas Child

“My husband went with me – instead of just dropping me off – to be sure there really is a clubhouse, and that Clara really is a sweet woman who crochets and she isn’t an an axe murderer preying on an innocent yarn-lover.”  — Crochet Ladies of Vilano and More


Crochet for Welcomed Babies

“What do penguins do when it rains?  They let it rain. And that’s what this month of homeschool retirement has been about.  Not so much the rain, but the letting it.” – Homeschool Retirement: A New Zoo


Crochet for Ronald McDonald House

“I have an acute awareness that my desire to learn has increased, rather than decreased, even after – especially after? – 20 years of educational facilitating.”  — Homeschool Retirement Update


Crochet for Bread for Life

“Working myself out of a homeschooling job doesn’t mean I’ve retired from motherhood. In reality, homeschooling was just the prep work.” Homeschool Retirement: Mud, Dirt, and Fire


Crochet for Butterfly Babies

In otter news, Twiskers the otter, has been banished from his private bedroom, reluctantly returning it to his big brother for the summer.” — An Otter Update and Homeschooled Students Home for the College Summer


Crochet for Operation Little Feet

“Trials don’t take a sabbatical even when completed homeschool mamas do.” — Homeschool Retirement: Mid-Summer Update



Crochet for Lotsa Causes:


Boutique Bags

Washing Flowers

“Blessing isn’t in circumstantial change. Blessing is in perspective change.” — Another Year, Please? Homeschool Retirement Update


Wow, that really was a month of whimsy!

Patriotism, politics,

shoeboxes, homosexuality,

Water for Life t-shirts,

Can Do Kits,

Piggin’ & Peddlin’,

skits and more.

Begin here and keep clicking next page.  Smile



“A Year of Whimsy can become a Year of Overwhelmedness if we let all our whimsies become obligations.” — Update from a Completed Homeschool Mom



“God’s grace isn’t about the fairy tale, “Poof! It’s all better.”  It’s about the leaning on Him daily, hourly, sometimes moment-ly to get through this life with Him and on to the next one.” — Looking Forward at Cozy Top Cottage



A month of One Words

One Word December

A God Year is a Good Year

And now, for a new year!

It may be a little less whimsical on the planning side of life,

but it’s gonna be a good year.

And if not a good year, it will be a God year.

And if a God year, a good year.

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