Ask Questions to Help Narrow Life Choices

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Ask Questions to Narrow Choices

It used to be, way back before my day, that there were very few choices: “Do you want to brush your teeth with baking soda or with plain water?

Now we go to the store (after choosing which store to go to), to face a wall of toothpaste choices.

Do we want mint? Or mint stripe? Gel or white paste? Whitening white paste or green gel with enamel-enhancers?

And that’s just toothpaste.

Choosing Life Choices

What do we do when we’ve narrowed our life choices – the big important choices – and then narrowed them again, but there are still a herd of choices overflowing our planning pages?

To put it another way, when our choices multiply like calves on a mountain ranch, which ones do we rope in?

Lassoing the Herd

We could toss all our options in the air, doing whatever lands in our life first, but usually that means we end up running after the gravitational pull of whoever is standing closest to us, physically or technologically.

Employing the narrowing down Rule of Three once again, however, we can ask ourselves a few more questions.

An Example

Knowing my penchant for crochet – but also my penchant for blogging and teaching and mentoring and chasing bunnies – I now know I can’t crochet full-time for every organization I have on and in my heart.

I had to narrow it down this year, so I asked:

  1. Can this crocheted gift make an eternal difference?
  2. Is it about children?
  3. Is there a current need?

Now, those are just my questions, yours may be entirely different.

In fact, mine could have been different. I could have asked:

  1. Will this help someone with a medical need?
  2. Does this organization have a reward system for volunteers?
  3. Is this a local organization?

When I took note of all the questions I could have asked myself, those first three were my top concern for this time of life, in this season of life.

Sifting Causes Through Questions

Sifting causes through my Top Three Questions, I found three that answered the questions in the affirmative, although not necessarily in the same way.  (I’ll tell you more about that in coming posts.)
        1. Operation Christmas Child
        2. St Vincent’s Butterfly Babies
        3. USO’s Operation Little Feet


Plans to Tweak the Plans

Are my plans set in stone, like a calf statue at a Cowboy Museum?

Nope, I have a feeling I may need to tweak my plan as the year progresses.


I just don’t know that I can keep up with everything my head and heart want to do, but I’m gonna give it a shot!

And a herd of prayer, and seeking God’s wisdom, along with His designs for sifting and narrowing and tweaking.  🙂

For now though, in this season of life, it’s better that I have too much on my to do list than too little.

Besides, as of this writing, I can say no to pretty much anything on my To Do List at any time. That may change, as life tends to do, but for now:

I’m enjoying the joy – and flexibility – of volunteering.

It’s Your Turn

  • Ask yourself lots of questions about your projects and plans.
  • After asking “Why?” continue with queries like: What do they have in common? What makes them special to me?
  • Make a written list of your questions.
  • Now, choose your top three questions and filter your project list.
  • Place your top three projects Art Deco style on your planner.

Art Deco Planning Elements Graphic

Want to do more than three projects?

By the time you break each project into it’s sub-categories and/or objectives, you’ll probably have plenty to do for now.

You may also find you finish those first three now-prioritized projects with time and energy to spare, so keep that list of extra projects handy.


Keeping Up With the Processing

I know, that’s a lot to keep up, right? All those ponderings need a place to land before sense can be made. Or is that just me?

In case your brain swirls with more than your body can keep up with and your memory can remember, Evernote is a great place to keep track of processing, as well as planning notes.

And the basic version (which has plenty of bells and whistles) is free! They do have a reward system for sharers, so if you look into it, I’d be pleased as cider on a chilly day if you clicked my referral link when you check into it.  Smile

Your Ponderings

Well, you’ve heard my ponderings, now I’d love to hear yours.

What three questions did you ask yourself?  Or what three projects are you looking forward to working on this year?

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This post contains affiliate links.

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