Causes to Crochet For: The Final Three

Now that you know my Art Deco way (of many ways) to approach the planning process, here’s where the process led me. At least where it concerns crocheting for causes.  🙂

The Final Three

Applying the graphic step of the Rule of Three – one main element with two generally equally weighted elements on either side

Art Deco Planning Elements Graphic

I chose Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child as my main element project – crocheting for Operation Little Feet and Butterfly Babies as time allows, interest tugs, and patterns fly into my viewing area.


Minor Element

Operation Little Feet is all about babies, so when my coo alert goes off with a baby-related pattern, I pull out the baby-soft yarn.

Was it tough to choose Operation Little Feet as a minor element when the need is so great? No doubt about it.


I’m hoping others will choose to make the USO Operation Little Feet their major project, or that many will make it their minor.

Does anyone else hear the childhood TV song playing in their audio file memory, “Worrrrkinnnng Togeeeeetherrrr”?

It’s been a long time since I heard that song, but there it is, waiting to remind me one car doesn’t make a train:

Major Element

Operation Christmas Child is definitely my major element. It answers so many of my heartbeats, it’s hard to put into one little paragraph why I love this project.

When it comes to crocheting, shoeboxing offers such a variety of projects to keep my hook happy and Pinterest finger busy, within my rational goals, I can still be whimsical!

And expanding the crafting nature of my world, there is rumor that I will be learning from a master seamstress this year, too. Smile  Take that, sewing machine excuses!

Minor Element

And then there are the sweet butterflies for families of Butterfly Babies, little ones whose lives were so very short but so very meaningful.
I can crochet a flock of butterflies in an evening, or a few here and there in between more complex projects.


Leftover Elements/Projects

Do I feel a twinge of guilt over the projects that are left by the side of my crocheting tracks?  Yep, no doubt. Next post, I’ll share how I get over through around past (?) the guilt.  🙂


It’s Your Turn

Have you been narrowing your choices? Planning your plans? Roping in the time calves?

What are your Final Three for the year, the season, the month?


Thoughts ... Insights ... Questions?