Getting Over the Guilt

Humanity began in a garden

Sometimes, when we make choices to serve here, but not there, we feel a twinge of guilt that we aren’t helping every good cause.

But it’s not possible. It’s not even our role.

We aren’t here to be Master Gods, we are here as ambassadors of the One True God.

We fail Him miserably (in comparison to Who He Is, we all fail miserably) and in our failure we let down those around us.

We can’t be all things to all men, all women, all children. But we aren’t designed to be.  He is.

And He is really good at His job.

If you doubt me, read His Word and see what He has promised.

Humanity began in a garden, but He never promised us a rose garden when we left. At least not without a few thorns.

And a cross.

It’s Your Turn

  • Consider for a moment the choices you made in your planning process.
  • Are there some (many?) projects that had to go on the If I Have Time List?
  • Make a plan for dealing with limitations.
  • Does your plan include the cross?

Your Ponderings

How do you handle limitations of time/resources?

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