Beaded Crochet Pencil Cases for Operation Christmas Child

Crochet for a Cause_Beaded Pencil Case

Ahhh, now that we have our planning – and our guilt – out of the way, it’s time to roll up our skeins and get creating!

I recently discovered that I love, love, love adding beads to pencil cases and gift bags! So I thought I’d share my enthusiasm and how-to’s with my friends.  Smile

How to Add Beads to Crochet Pencil Cases

For this tutorial, I used the Simple Pencil Case pattern.

First, choose your yarn. I like worsted weight Red Heart Super Saver for pencil cases.

Red Heart Super Saver

Next, choose your beads. Make sure the hole is big enough to easily thread your yarn through. I like pony beads.


Hobby Lobby had an amazing sale on pony beads during the holidays (and free shipping), so yah, I kinda went bead crazy.

Next up, string your beads onto your yarn. I use a tapestry needle, but you may not need one depending on your bead and yarn. I just like the feel of popping beads on a needle, something very 1st grade about it.   🙂

Thread the Beads on the Yarn

If you are a wing-it-er like me, you won’t know how many beads you want to use before you start to crochet, so just string a herd of them.

Get Crocheting

Now it’s time to pick up the hook. Leaving the beads gathering forces near the skein, begin crocheting as if you have no happy plastic beads waiting for you.

Begin Crocheting with Beads Near Skein or Ball

Start the Simple Pencil Case as usual, but when you get to say the 7th round, every so often, pull a bead up closer to your work.

To Stitch the Bead

Begin a hdc by yarning over, put your hook in the next stitch, yarn over, pull through. You’ll have 3 loops on the hook.

Get Your Bead Ready

As you yarn over again, pull the bead up right next to your hook.

Last Yarn Over Holds Bead in Stitch

Now, yarn over, pull through all the loops.

Stitch Has Been Beaded

That’s it. You have a bead on a pencil case!

If the bead is fussy and goes to the inside of the pencil case after your next regular stitch (it’s there in the photo below, it’s just finger-colored between my finger and pencil case)

Where'd the Bead Go

you can easily change its mind by pushing it through to the front after making your next hdc.

There It Is

The Repeat

*Make a few more regular hdcs, then one with a bead.*


Second Bead Beaded

Repeat between ** until you have as many beads on your pencil case as you like.  That’s it!

You could even use a bead as the button to close the Bit Jazzier Pencil Case.

Beaded Cotton Candy Pencil Case


P.S. Double Crochet Beads

You may have noticed the completed mint green pencil case pictured is made with dc rather than hdc. I had already finished a couple of them before I remembered I needed tutorial pics.  Smile

To make a dc with a bead: yarn over, put hook in next stitch, yarn over, pull through, yarn over pull through two loops. Slide bead up next to hook, yarn over, pull through last two loops.  The bead will get “caught” between the two 2-loop pull throughs.


More Pencil Cases




It’s Your Turn

Have you ever done beaded crochet work? If so, what did you make? If not, would you like to give it a try?

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  1. I love this! Thanks for teaching me how to bead my crochet work!

    • You are so welcome, Lea Ann! It’s really, really fun to bead! I’ve tried it with small beads on cotton crochet thread for delicate projects, too. Such a versatile skill to have in our crochet tool box. 🙂

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