Westside Chapel’s Shoeboxes are Going to …

Westside Chapel Shoeboxes 2014

Westside Chapel’s Shoeboxes are going to at least three countries in Africa this year!

  • South Sudan
  • Mali
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo


Finding Shoebox Destinations on a Map

Are you like me? Do you like maps?  Do you like to find where your shoeboxes are going?

Do you have Wonder Maps?

They are a wonder-ful source for geography lovers!

When our annual Follow Your Shoebox emails begin to come in, I can just pop over to my desktop and …

    • Click WonderMaps.
    • Open up the world.
    • Click on the continent: Africa.
    • Zoom in.

I found South Sudan pretty easily as the people of the Sudan – south and north – have been on my heart for some time.

Democratic Republic of Congo was also pretty easy to find in the middle of the continent.

Don’t You Mean, Bali?

For some reason, I just wasn’t seeing Mali – and my brain kept insisting I meant Bali (too many Bing Crosby/Bob Hope movies as a kid, I guess).

The Power of a Click in WonderMaps

So, I started deleting some of the map’s details, like city names, rivers, river names and terrain text un-checkmarking options in WonderMaps.

And there –  hopping over two countries west of Sudan – sat Mali just waiting for me to spot it.

Printable Maps for Shoebox Tracking

If I wanted to, I could easily print out a black and white .pdf map of Africa and color in where our shoeboxes went this year.

Africa pdf Sample

Or I could zoom in to central Africa, delete the country names with a check of a mark, and capture a screen print of just the west-to-east region,  then add color in Paint or with crayons in real life.

Shoeboxes 2014

In fact, I think I’ll do just that and put it on the inside of our front door!

It’s always good to be reminded, when we walk out the door, that there is a bigger world beyond our latest grocery list.



Want more information about Samaritan’s Purse and their work around the world?

Here are a few links to geographical – and God-at-work-ical – discoveries:

Operation Christmas Child 2015

And here’s info on Operation Christmas Child so you can get started on this year’s gathering of shoebox goodies.

Praise God for all that He has done, all He is doing and all He will be doing!

Oooh, that reminds me of what’s happening in children’s church* and the Book of Acts, but that will have to wait for another day of writing.  Smile

Happy Shoeboxing!  Less than a year ‘til Collection Week 2015!

*If you’d like to use WonderMaps in your church or homeschool co-op, be sure to pop over to the Bright Ideas Press leaders page They really do want to make it easy.  Smile


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