Real Life Meeting Cyber Life: Oops

Oops Real Life Cyber Life

This is one of those real life moments when I have forgotten to coordinate real life with written-ahead cyber words.

All that to say … you know that post I just wrote about Bright Ideas PressWell, it’s still all true!

There’s just a change in the works for the affiliate program over there, so the affiliate links I shared aren’t going to help me.

But they can still help you because their materials are top notch!

Anyway … just wanted you to know. 🙂

I’ll update the links as soon as I get word that the new system is up and running. Just didn’t want you thinking I was making money when I’m not.   🙂  [UPDATE 2/27/15: It’s up and running! Here’s the new affiliate link.]

That isn’t a plea for anything, unless you would like to commission something to be crocheted. 🙂 Then I’m all ears!

Ok, so this is a weird post, I know. And I’m not sure how to make it unweird, so …

Have a lovely day and bye for now,  🙂

Suzanne, who is wondering if this post is even necessary, but is going to post it anyway

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