Talk About Homeschooling (and an Aside About Dishes)

Talk About Homeschooling and a Dishes Aside

Most of my life I did one thing. And nope, it wasn’t the dishes.

[An Aside About Dishes]

[I feel dishes are a common experience known to mankind offering an opportunity for life skill development from all generations to all generations.

That’s why, when I visited my mom I let her show me her great dishwashing skills as often as she felt the need to teach.

And it’s also why I offer my children the opportunity to learn, practice and refine the skill.

Yes, I am a multi-generational patron of dishwashing. As long as it skips a generation. Smile Mine, of course. ]

The Main Point: Homeschooling

Speaking of generations and education, that’s why I’m here today: to share with you where (most of) my homeschooling words go.

Most of my life on earth has been spent learning how to homeschool and applying what I learned to the process, the adventure, the challenges, the epic lifestyle of home education.

Where My Homeschool Words Go

Where have all the homeschooling insights, thoughts, and tips gone that I’ve gleaned over the years (I almost wrote tears, which would also be appropriate depending on the stories I tell)?

I’ve been sending them to my friends at Bright Ideas Press, an educational publishing company and family of book-lovers extraordinaire.

Bright Ideas Press saved my homeschooling neck more times than I can count. Here’s just a smattering of their influence:

  • The books they publish, such as Gifted Children at Home.
  • The viewpoints they share. For example, the radical idea that “History is interesting.”


  • The fun they instill into scary subjects like history and science.
  • The prayers they prayed for my family confident our Heavenly Father would answer.
  • The opportunities they gave me. To try. To fail. To try again. To succeed.

Yepperoni, I love Bright Ideas Press – the whole package. And that’s why I write for them.

Literature Study Guides

Along with twice-a-month blog post writing, I have also written literature study guides for their Illuminations curriculum. (Talk about writing for fun!)

My absolute favorite study guide was for the picture book, Chicken Sunday, but Mailing May is a close second.

Oooh, then there’s the one about the Great Depression, and I can’t forget, Clay Marble about refugees in Cambodia.

Gee, it’s hard to really pick a favorite.

Deep and Whimsical

So, with all that said, if you’d like to read some deep (and some whimsical) thoughts about homeschooling, visit my little corner of the Bright Ideas Press blog.

Bright Ideas Press

Oh, and for full disclosure, most of the links above are affiliate links. I like to pay for my writing (on this blog) by writing and affiliating and crocheting. Every little bit helps!

It’s Your Turn

  • What has been your favorite literature study?
  • What would you like to know about homeschooling?
  • Who washes the dishes in your house?


[updated Feb 2, 2015 to reflect new Bright Ideas Press blog link]

[updated Feb 27, 2015 to reflect current affiliate links]

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