Gee, When Things Change, They Really Change

So, you know how I posted about my homeschooling thoughts on the Bright Ideas Press blog?

Then, you know how I posted about how the affiliate links in that post were no longer affiliate-y?

Well, for those of you who you tried to read my homeschooling thoughts, I know you know what else changed: The spot where my blog posts used to be on Bright Ideas Press. Yah, that link changed, too.

Somehow with the new system, instead of being the original Suzanne, I am now Suzanne-2, even though I think I am still the only Suzanne posting there. Crazy cyber world, just flowin’ with it.

So, in the interests of making sure you know I’m not making this stuff up, here’s the new link to my blog articles/posts on Bright Ideas Press.

Unless something else changed.  🙂

Now, between coughs of coughing up goop (TMI?), I need to figure out how to find all the places I’ve linked to that old link.

Don’t you just love change?

At least it keeps us learning. And gets us out of bed when we lay there coughing and realize (several days after posting): Oh, I’ll bet that other link is a no-go, too.

Thank you for your patience, folks! Much appreciated!


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