Storing Operation Christmas Child Purchases: The Ah Ha Moment!

The Ah Ha Moment[2]

It was this moment, captured on Sorting and Packing Day that set my mind in motion. Forward motion, planning ahead style motion.

We had gathered oodles of stuff during the year – 48 shoeboxes worth, if I remember the count correctly, to God’s glory for His goodness!

Personally, I had no idea God was going to be THAT good, so I wasn’t prepared for how high the bread would rise!

On Sorting and Packing Day (hopefully the last of its kind because I want to be sorted well ahead of packing next time), I had this Ah Ha Moment when I saw a stack of shoeboxes ready for delivery contrasted with shoeboxes used for sorting for ease in packing.

Sorting and Packing Day

And it hit me like a ton of shoeboxes.

What I’d read online at Simply Shoeboxes about sorting fillers in boxes, clicked with the reality before me. We could sort – and store! – shoebox gatherings in … I know, right? … in shoeboxes!

We had plenty of boxes that were too big, too small, and too hole-y for sending gifts in, but they were just right for storing gifts in!

So, out came my roll of masking tape.

(I know, in this day and age of label makers and printer ink, I could have made fancy labels, but I’d rather spend the money and the time on other things. Like yarnSmile )

Shoebox of Pencil Cases

Labels in place, my family helped stack the boxes wherever they sort of fit for the moment. After the holidays, I took a minute here and there to stack them somewhat nicely in a corner.

Sorting with Shoeboxes

And that’s when my Ah Ha Moment became a reality!

I began to …

Year-round Storage

Next up, I’ll tell you what didn’t work, why, and how we fixed it.

While you’re waiting …

It’s Your Turn

Do you buy or make ahead for shoeboxes? How do you store your Operation Christmas Child makings and purchases?

More sorting and storing for Operation Christmas Child …

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