Why Year-Round Storage Space for Operation Christmas Child Makes Sense

Why Year Round Operation Christmas Child Storage Makes Sense

When we make room for something, we give it our attention and it becomes second nature to fill up the space.

For example, have you ever cleaned out your laundry room, making a lovely space for yourself to do a mundane shore, only to find the empty space beckoning to be filled?

What should I do with this? Oh! There’s room in the laundry room!”

Empty Spaces Draw Our Attention

Before we created space, we didn’t give a second thought to filling it. It was already full.

Full Space

But there’s something about an empty spot – whether physically in our homes or emotionally in our souls – that draws our attention to fill.

Empty Space

What if we had a designated space to fill with shoebox goodies for Operation Christmas Child?

Evolving Storage System

Last year, My Storage System was comprised of a few corners here and there.

This year, it’s a shelving unit with empty shoeboxes, labeled with categories of items I have already made and hope to make/purchase for next Packing Day.

Wave Crests Over Shoebox Shelves


Why I Use Shoeboxes for Storage

On those shelves, I’m putting shoeboxes. In the shoeboxes, I’m storing the sorted goodies. Why shoeboxes?

First, they are free. (More on free shoeboxes in a later post.)

Shoebox of Purses for OCC

I’m still working on a relatively small scale (but it feels huge to me!) so shoeboxes are working out great for storage.

Nice size for small items, and they give me an idea how many of each item I have based on the number of boxes I’ve filled with that same label.

Cheryl, at Simply Shoeboxes, fills shoeboxes in the triple digits, so she uses banker boxes and spreadsheets for sorting and storing. She and Mary at Clip with Purpose are my shoebox heroes. <3

Starting to Fill the Boxes

Now that the shelves are up, I’m starting to fill them up.

I have one to a few items in most of the boxes so far.It's a StartAlthough I’m ahead of the curve on soap savers:

Soap Savers

And I’ve really gotten into beading pencil cases this year:

Pencil Cases

The important part of any organizational system is knowing the boxes are there waiting to be filled.

Shoebox Goodies Storage

The awareness of a shoebox’s emptiness

creates a crazy passion to fill it!


It’s Your Turn

You don’t need a big ol’ shelving unit to begin collecting year round for Operation Christmas Child.

A corner, a cupboard, a single shoebox under your bedor in your laundry room! Smile – will do.

  • Do you have empty places in your home or heart that you have a crazy passion to fill?
  • Do you fill the places with whatever comes along?
  • Or do you have a plan?

(Insider Info: I do both willy-nilly-ing *and* planning.)

Looking for Ideas on How to Fill Your Shoebox?

Here are a few Pinterest boards to peruse:

If you create – or already have – a Pinterest board for Operation Christmas Child, please share it with us!  Smile


More sorting and storing for Operation Christmas Child …


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  1. Thank God I now use plastic bins to store supplies for OCC. Last year we had water damage from a frozen pipe, and if I had not stored almost everything in the plastic bins, it would have been ruined. If your home is always totally dry, no moisture, then cardboard boxes may be okay. But you never know when the unexpected might happen. Also, the clear bins reveal what’s inside, and how full they art.

    • Oh Lois! That would be heartbreaking to gather all year and have water damage. Where we store the goodies there is no chance of damage from pipes, thankfully. But a great tip if one is storing nearing water pipes. Thank you!

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