Beginning Alone: Shoeboxing for Operation Christmas Child

Beginning Alone

Sometimes God taps you on the shoulder so to speak, and you get the message: “I’d like you to do this.”  Pause, hesitation, fear.  “Yes, you.”  That’s how serving through Operation Christmas Child came to be for me.

The impetus was definitely on my shoulders.  Good thing it was in my heart, too, or I would have given up at the first eyebrow raise.

Even Alone, I Needed – and Wanted – Help

Just because I was asked to get the ball rolling, I knew I didn’t want to, nor could I practically speaking, go it totally alone. I wanted my family involved.

So, I started by talking small.

  • Bits of hints to the family that something was on my heart for the upcoming holidays.
  • A request for a ride to the Dollar Store sometime in November.
  • A wondering aloud about where I could find two shoeboxes.

Pretty soon, I had my family’s curiosity and that’s what I needed. Well, that and a ride to the store.

No Command, Just an Opportunity

I didn’t make it a command, a pressure-thing, or a guilt-ridden plea. I just offered an opportunity to bless children somewhere far away with the chance to hear the Good News of salvation in Christ.

And … we get to go to the store and go shopping for them!

Their hearts were hooked and our shoebox adventure began.

How to Get Others Involved

So, how do you begin shoeboxing with family or friends when you are the only one initially interested?

  • Read up on the heartbeat behind the ministry.
  • Share your ponderings over what you read at the dinner table, or during commercials.
  • Wonder aloud about shoebox needs.
  • Ask if anyone would like to help.

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In It Alone

If you are still in it alone, that’s ok.

Start with who God tapped on the shoulder first, and be faithful to His calling.

Maybe it will always be about one person working alone – but not really alone, you know Smile – reaching one child. For eternity’s sake.

Now, that’s a high calling.

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