How to Fill a Shoebox with Friends

How to Fill a Shoebox with Friends

Would you like to put together a shoebox for a child, but don’t want to work alone? Build a box with a friend – or two!

Tips for Shoeboxing with a Friend

Here are a few tips for working together to build a box:

The Basics

  • Agree on a Girl Box or a Boy Box.
  • Choose an age range:  2-4, 5-9 or 10-14 year old
  • Make a general list of items to include.

General Categories for OCC Gifts

 The Agreement

  • Each person can choose the categories they will shop for. For example, J will shop for Personal Care items and F will shop for School Supplies.
  • Unless you agree otherwise, let each person choose a toy to include. It’s just so much fun picking out toys!  Smile
  • Be aware of the size of the items you are buying. You don’t want your goodies to fill up more space than is fair.
  • Settle ahead of time if it’s ok to buy off the other guy’s list if you see something on sale.
  • Be sure to agree on who will provide the shoebox itself.

Checking and Crafting

  • Arrange a Check Back Date to catch up on how each one is coming along.
  • Have a Craft Day with your friend to make something handmade for your box. Or spread the shoebox love, and ask a crafty friend to make a little something for your box.

A lady at church made these cute owls to share in shoeboxes!

Owl for Operation Christmas Child

You may find that you had so much fun shopping and creating together, you have enough goodies to make two boxes!

Pack and Pray


  • When you find out where your box went, get together again for a Celebrate, Pray and Plan Next Year Day!
  • To make it fun, you could cook a meal or have a snack they eat where your shoebox went!

Get Others Involved

Use these tips to create a Shoebox Buddy System in your church or organization.  The more shoeboxes the merrier!


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