Fleece Lovey: Crochet Edging Holes by Hand Needle

Crochet Edging Holes by Hand Needle on Fleece Lovey

Inspired by Simply Shoeboxes’ edgings for fleece blankets and an amazing sale on fleece at Joann’s, I pulled out my cotton crochet thread, a (probably too blunt) needle and my crochet hook.

Fleece + Cotton Crochet Thread = 🙂

Oh how pretty! I could do this – I could reallllly get into this!  If this were not true …

Fleece + Needle + Arthritis = Sad smile

I discovered: the arthritis in my hands is crochet happy but pulling-needle-through-fleece grumpy.

The final outcome, this sweet little lovey for Operation Christmas Child, is absolutely lovely, but it would have been a one-of-a-kind unless I discovered another way to poke holes in fleece.

I thought maybe if I cut holes in the fleece first, it would be easier on my hands.

Next post, you’ll see how that turned out. I’m not promising you a rose garden, but I will show you reality.  Smile

And then I’ll show you the solution to both realities.  🙂 🙂


How to Make a Fleece Lovey Edging with Needle, Thread and Hook

Fleece Lovey with Aunt Lydia Edging

For those with strong-minded hands or an official needle-puller at hand, here’s how I made my first – but thankfully not last – fleece lovey:

Aunt Lydia Crochet Thread, Classic 10 in white

Sewing or tapestry needle, with eye big enough for the #10 thread, but sharp enough to go through fleece

F Hook (or whatever you find comfortable to use with #10 thread)

Fleece fabric – somewhere around 15” x 18”

Blanket Stitch Around

Using the thread and needle, make a simple blanket stitch around the perimeter of the fleece.  Space the stitches about the length of a double crochet. Tie off, but leave a tail of thread for catching under a few crochet stitches.

Crochet an Edging

Sl st under any bar of a blanket stitch. Ch 1, sc under same stitch.

[Under the bar of the next blanket stitch, 9 dc (shell). Sc under the bar of the next blanket st.]  Repeat around.

Depending on the number of blanket stitches around, corners may need an extra few dcs or an extra shell to make the curve.

Finish off and weave under ends.

Crochet Edging on Fleece Lovey

Stayed Tuned for More Fleece Posts

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On a related note, I find it rather inspiring that I’m working with fleece, while studying GideonSmile

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