You’ll Wanna Read This: Maintenance Messages


My girlie girl workin’ on the She Shed a few years ago

Helloooo All!

I try to keep blog maintenance behind the scenes, but sometimes we gotta go public to benefit everyone.  🙂

I’ll make it short, I promise.

An Easy Switcheroo

First, if you are of the few who still receive email updates via Feedburner, you’ll want to switch to Jetpack today.

Lots of techno reasons for it, but here’s the Big One: In 10 days, I will be shutting down my Feedburner connection for good.

Most of you have already made the switch – thank you!

I hate to lose a single one of you though, so here’s a way to …

Test the E-Waters

Not sure if you receive emails via Jetpack?  It’s easy to test.

Just enter your email address here and see if you get the “already signed up” message.


Have you joined us on the journey?

Subscribe - or test Jetpack subscription - here!

Then scroll back down to this ^^^ spot.

If you see a message like this :

“You have already subscribed to this site. Please check your inbox.” 

you’re in!

If you see a message like this:

“You’re almost in the loop! An email was just sent …”

all you have to do is respond to the email

and you’re in, too!

See? That was Easy!

Thank you for making the switcheroo or for joining us for the first time!

The Second Maintenance Bit

This is something that I just can’t figure out behind the screen, so I’ll ask for your patience in front of it.  🙂

Every once in awhile I get all creative and make design changes. I hope you like the recent ones!

The ButterflyBlue Butterfly

When I do [blah blah blah technical stuff], a temporary post sometimes gets posted … and emailed. You may have seen one yesterday.

The posting I’m ok with; it’s a blip and it’s gone. Or it’s supposed to be.

The emailing of the temp-post aggravates me because it might aggravate you.  And I don’t want to aggravate anyone!

All that to say, if you get a temporary post that looks like gibberish,

just know I’m working behind the scenes to make things pretty.

To make the temp-post hold some public value (it does help me behind the scenes), you could use it as a reminder to pop over and see if anything has changed and say hello!  🙂

And so … that’s my maintenance post.  Wasn’t too bad, was it?

Questions? Solutions?

If you have a subscription question or a temp-post solution, give me a figurative call!

And if you haven’t subscribed for emails yet – I promise very few are maintenance – be sure to sign up here.

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