Three Fleece Lovey Fails

Three Fleece Lovey Fails

Some things in life work out beautifully the first time we try them. Fleece loveys with delicate crochet edgings, for example. Ahhh, so pretty! I’m so pleased!

Crochet Edging on Fleece Lovey

Some of us, enjoying the fruit of our labor, devise ways to make our labor easier.

But sometimes, our devised ways are not good ways, or helpful ways, or effective ways. They can even make a difficult job impossible.

Fleece Edgings, For Example

Devising ways to spare my hands from shoving and pulling a needle through fleece to create beautiful edgings did not go well – three attempts in a row.

Attempt 1

When I learned my sewing machine has a blanket stitch (so that’s what symbol means!  Thank you, Joan!) I thought this might be the answer! I could machine stitch around the edge, and then add a pretty crochet border.

I didn’t bother cutting straight because I thought the stitch would somehow magically straighten it.

Blanket Stitch Fail

Well, that didn’t work. I can’t get my crochet hook under the edge and the it’s way too ragged (of course, cutting straight would have helped the raggedy bit).

I tried again, this time with a bit of the edge tucked under, like a hem I guess one would say.

Better Blanket Stitch

That was better, but I still couldn’t get my crochet hook under the stitchArgh.

Attempt Two

I remembered reading that if we cut notches in the fabric, we can crochet the fleece itself with a large hook.

Cuts for Crocheting Fleece

I must’ve done something wrong because it sure puckered.

Crocheting Fleece

It puckered … a lot.

I should’ve read the directions again. Seems I missed a few steps.

My daughter says she likes the puckers (she’s sweet like that) because they are textural and kids are all into texture.  Yah, ok, I’ll try to believe you, Bumblebee – at least for this one lovey.

Lotsa Puckering

Who knows? Maybe there’s a little girl praying for a puckered lovey?  I mean, Alex was overwhelmed by God’s love in a washcloth that smelled like soap.

Leaving that one to pucker, I re-read the directions here —> How to Crochet an Easy No Sew Fleece Blanket Edging, just so you know it can be done without puckering. If we follow all the directions.

It’s not the Pattern Maker’s fault the result is wonky if we don’t follow the instructions.

(Hmmmm, I hear an analogy brewing.)

Attempt 3

Now that I re-read the slit-cutting step for the edging above, finding that I still needed to poke something (like a needle) through the fleece tabs,  I decided that wasn’t going to help my hand-aching problem.

But why not cut my own tiny slits in the fleece – to crochet yarn into? I do like the feel of yarn between, around, and through my fingers!

Here’s why not:

Not Recommended

Well, let’s just say, this video came to mind when I actually started to crochet into the holes/slits/slices I made:

(Email readers: view video on blog)

The slits split wide, make their way to the very edge, and merge with one another making big wobbly ugly holes. Yep, I was just diggin’ up holes.

Three Attempts, Three Fleece Fails

It’s tough to fail three times in a row. Crocheting edgings around fleece hasn’t been my only many-attempt failure in life, but it was one that I am determined not to drag me into a hole of crafting despair.

I really want to learn how to make fleece loveys (without so much hand pain) for Operation Christmas Child. But honestly …

This was me after my edging experiments:

Not a Happy Fleece Camper

Yah, I was a bit grumpy.

At the End of Our Spool

When we get to the end of our thread spool, our yarn skein of life, human attempts at ease and success left in the scrap heap, we look for tools.

Someone, somewhere must have gone through this before. How did they overcome the challenge?  What tools did they use?

It’s Your Turn

Have you tried to tweak something to be easier only to find it more difficult, impossible or just plain ick?

It can be discouraging, but don’t give up. The tools may be just around the asking for wisdom bend.

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” (James 1:5 NKJV)

Coming Soon

In coming weeks, you’ll hear about two tools that revolutionized my world.

One answers the problem of the fleece edging holesoh wow, does it answer!

And one answers the cry of the heart.


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