Crochet Edging: The Tool That Works

Crochet Edging the Tool That Works

Today, I want to share with you what turned me from this:

Not a Happy Fleece Camper

to a happy fleece camper.

You’ll have to scroll down to see me happy.  🙂

Happiness is a process, a journey, a scrolling through life finding what works and what doesn’t.

Learning from my mistakes, this last time I used my straight edge rotary cutter to cut straight edges.  Yah, I know, I should’ve done that before.

Straight Edge Cutting

A straight edge rotary cutter blade is a great tool for cutting fleece in a straight line.

And here’s the great tool for making holes in fleece:

Edge Perfect Blade in Olfa Cutter

There are actually two tools in this photo ^^^^.

There’s the Olfa Rotary Cutter, which came with a straight edge blade (which comes out for switching/replacing blades).

And there’s the Edge Perfect Blade, the wheel with the – very, very sharp! – spokes.

Each straight bit of each spoke is super-de-duper sharp, making evenly-spaced holes in the fleece as you roll it along.

I could have put the Edge Perfect Blade in my older blue rotary cutter (it fits most 45 mm rotary cutters), but I like having them both ready to go and not have to switch the blades – which are super sharp. Oh, I think I already mentioned that.  Smile

The Blade in Action

So, you wanna see how the blade works?  I did, too!

After watching this video (watching it a couple of times, looking for hidden mirrors or magic wires), I followed the simple directions on the Edge Perfect Blade package …

Edge Perfect Blade

and I made holes like this:

Edge Perfect Holes

Evenly spaced, evenly sized holes!

Edge Perfect Hole

Then I pulled out my yarn and crochet hook and got crocheting into the holes:

Sides: Sc, ch 1.

Corners: [Sc, ch 1, sc, ch 1, sc] in hole closest to corner.

Crocheting Into Edge Perfect Holes

And it makes a perfect edge – gee, I wonder if that’s where they got the name of the blade?  Smile

Pretty and Simple Crochet Edging Fleece Lovey

Now, I’m a Happy Fleece Camper …

Crafting Outside

because on that …

Perfect Day for Outdoor Crafting

I discovered the Perfect Edge Blade is the …

Perfect Tool for for Fleece Edging Holes


It’s Your Turn

Whether it’s crafting or living life, have you ever attempted making life easier only to discover you need a better tool to get the job done? 

Coming Soon

Next time, I’ll share another tool – a best tool – for learning, loving, and serving in this craft called life.

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