Faithful Followers, Email Subscribers

Faithful Followers

Just a quick note to remind you I am discontinuing my Feedburner account TODAY.

This means my faithful followers from the early days will need to switch to Jetpack to continue receiving email updates.

It’s just a little bend in the path, not a cliff to scale.  🙂

And you won’t want to miss what’s around the bend!

It’s really easy to make the switch and still free!

Just enter your email below and then click the link that comes in your email box.  Easy stuff!

[jetpack_subscription_form title=”Stay with us – or join us – on the journey” subscribe_text=”Get email updates here …” subscribe_button=”Yes, please”]

I hope to see you all around the bend! 

Love ‘n’ life,


P.S. Many thanks for the faithful followers who signed up to receive my blog posts back in the early days of experimentation, voice finding, and emotional meanderings.  I sooooo appreciate you! 

P.P.S.  And many thanks for the faithful followers that have more recently joined us on the journey, sharing the road before us. I enjoy getting to know you!

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