Tools for Filling Heart Holes

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Tools, who needs ‘em?  We do!

Take a look around you.  Notice the tools within sight.

  • Telephone? Tool.
  • Pen? Tool.
  • Window?  Tool.
  • Calculator? Tool.
  • Pitcher for water? Tool.

Lots of tools, for lots of purposes, to get lots of jobs done.

Linguistically speaking, my definition of tool might be a bit broad, but here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Tool: anything that helps us get a job done better or easier than we could do on our own.

From Making Holes to Filling Holes

We’re going to take a crafting pause from making holes to filling heart holes for a few cyber-visits.

The world digs holes in our hearts, in our souls, in our bodies, always twisting, trying, and tempting us to conform to their ways.

We twist, try and tempt ourselves, too.  That’s why I avoided the snack aisle at the store yesterday.  I was feeling mighty potato-chips-in-a-can weak. I came home with a small package of two Twinkies from the clearance end-cap rack, but I did leave the chips on the store shelf.  Smile

Bread and Bible in 5 Minutes a Day

Thinking of all the holes we dig for ourselves – and others dig for us – I recently got thinking:

If we can make bread in 5 minutes a day to fill the holes in our bellies, we can Learn to Use Bible Study Aids in 5 Minutes a Day to fill the holes in our hearts.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Over the next few visits, we’re going to look at one of my favorite life-giving hole-filling tools: Blue Letter BibleIt could get overwhelming, but we’re not going to let it, are we?

And Tomatoes, Don’t Forget the Tomatoes

I believe Amy Lynn Andrews was the first to introduce me to the Pomodoro Effect and the value of the Tomato Timer.

We could get lost for some time learning about the Pomodoro Effect (the science behind the timer), but for now, check out the Tomato Timer. Just take a quick peek and come right back, ok? 


Why Use a Tomato Timer?

To keep us focused as we explore Blue Letter Bible, we’re going to set our Tomato Timer for a 5 min “short break.”

Why would we “take a short break” rather than “work for a long time” learning to study the Bible?

We want this to be a break from the world’s pressures, not a new pressure to overcome (or avoid).

As our interests – and priorities – change, we can always add time.  Smile

Setting the Tomato Timer …

  • Controls the fear of “I can’t do this.”
  • Minimizes distractions. The timer will let us know when to go on to other things.
  • Offers the option after 5 mins to turn off the timer guilt-free. Or to press the proverbial snooze button for another 5 mins of exploration.

Tomato for Timer

Hearing Things or Blasted Out of My Seat: A TIMER TIP

I have been confused by soft, barely-within-hearing sounds in the background, making me think I was hearing things (I was).

And I’ve been blasted out of my seat, forgetting my children were the last ones in charge of volume control playing their YouTube lists while washing dishes.


TIMER TIP: Test your computer’s volume to make sure it is at a comfortable level.


Blue Letter Bible

Now to the Bible study tool: Blue Letter Bible.

Pastor Ken Mitchell recommended Blue Letter Bible when I discovered online Bible programs are not created equal, nor do they all share the Biblical emphasis of salvation by faith in Christ alone, sola fide.

The Word doesn’t change, but people change the Word.


Rescued for Relationship

As a wannabe disciple of Jesus, I want to know the Savior that set me free and gave me eternal life, learning God’s heartbeat, the ways of His hands, His reasoning (even if it is wayyyy beyond me), and His will for my life.

If a fire fighter rescued you from a burning building that would never stop burning unless you were saved from it – and you were aware that your own actions led you into the building to begin with – wouldn’t you want to get to know the fireman who carried you out?

Firefighter Memorial Colorado Springs

It’s Called Hero Worship

Do we want to worship our Eternal Hero by getting to know Him more? I imagine you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this. Smile

Next Visit: Our First 5 Minutes

See you next visit for our first 5-minute assignment, DAY 1: Learn to Use Bible Study Aids in 5 Minutes a Day.

Learn to Use Bible Study Aids in 5 Mins a Day


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  1. I just love you, we have so much in common. How can I help you with crocheting items for charity!

    • Cheryl, you are so kind! It’s lovely to meet you in cyberspace. I love your blog’s wallpaper, btw. 🙂

      Let’s see … charity crocheting … let’s get you hooked up! (tee hee)

      The first thing would be: What do you like to make?

      Baby items?
      Children’s gifts?
      Adult-size scarves or hats?
      Lots of small items? Or fewer but larger projects?

      Let me know and we’ll get the yarn ball rolling! 🙂

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