DAY 1: Learn to Use Bible Study Aids in 5 Minutes a Day

Day 1 Explore Learn to Use Bible Study Aids in 5 Mins a Day

I’ve been talking tools, fleece tools, hole-making tools. Today – and for the next few posts – I’d like to share a different kind of tool.  A hole-filling tool.  A soul-filling tool.  A hole-filling, soul-filling tool.

Oooh, I feel a song coming on! I’d best go on with the writing because I write wayyyyyy better than I sing!  (And yes, I still think that’s why row 3 at church cleared out. I sit in row 4. 🙂 )

Our First 5 Minutes

Here’s a simple plan to get to know our Eternal Hero using resources at one of my favorite life-giving tools, Blue Letter Bible.


We haven’t been camping in several years, but the first thing we loved to do (after setting up camp) is: Explore!

We carried a campground map in our pocket, but we didn’t use it right away. We just wandered the campsite, discovering its eccentricities, it’s secrets, it’s specialness-es that would make it our home.


That’s what we’ll do today at Blue Letter Bible – just have fun exploring!

  1. Set the Tomato Timer* for 5 min (short break).
  2. Go to Blue Letter Bible.
  3. Click anything that interests you.
  4. You can’t break it, so have fun with it. Smile
  5. Read as much or as little after each click as you desire. One click or 100 clicks. It’s your 5 min break from the pressures of the world.

The Journey

Enjoy the journey into your Hero’s world – His Word!

If you have time, tell us what you discovered!

Are you interested in sharing the gift of His Word with those who have no Bible in their language? Visit Wycliff to learn more.

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*The Tomato Timer

The Tomato Timer is one of my favorite work tools. I believe Amy Lynn Andrews shared it with me first. There are three settings: 5-minute short break, 10-minute long break and 25-minute pomodoro.  Each one useful for a variety of purposes.


We’ll be using the 5-minute short break for our Bible study aids lessons so you can stay in control of your time. Of course, you may get so into it – sometimes we just have to get started – you’ll press reset for another go!  🙂






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