Day 3: Learn to Use Bible Study Aids in 5 Minutes a Day

Day 3 Savor Learn to Use Bible Study Aids in 5 Mins a Day

Day Three

Do you like variety? Me, too! I enjoy gleaning from a variety of Bible translations, but balancing more than one or two Bibles on my lap gets unwieldy, as they say.  As unwieldy as a teenager on a toddler’s teeter-totter, some may say.


Savor Variety!

Today’s 5-minutes will be invested in discovering a variety of translations available at the click of a button at Blue Letter Bible.


Follow the steps from Day 2 to find a verse you would like to know more about.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Set the Tomato Timer for 5 min (short break).  Check speaker volume.
  2. Go to Blue Letter Bible.
  3. In the Search the Bible box, enter a reference (you may have one from last visit), key word or words.
  4. If you don’t have a verse or word in mind, enter a word like comfort or hope.
  5. Select a translation from the drop-down list.
  6. Click the search button – it looks like a magnifying glass.

A list will appear.

  • Find a verse that stands out to you.
  • Click the Tools button just to the left of the reference.

Tools Psalm 23 BlueLetterBible

A tabbed box will pop up.

  • Click the Bibles tab.

Bibles Tab Default Tab Psalm 23 BlueLetterBible

Note: Tabs may be in a different order depending on default tab setting. It’s preset for the Interlinear tab to be first (more on that later).

You’ll see your chosen verse in a variety of Bible versions. Smile  No more gymnastics feats trying to read 5 different Bibles on your lap! 

STUDY TIP: Don’t get bogged down in the translation/version mire.

Not all Bible versions are translations – some more closely associated with the original text than others – and not all translations are created equal.  But for now, relax and enjoy the exploration.  🙂

Read through the various versions, noting the subtle – and sometimes not so subtle – differences.

More Time on the Tomato?

If you still have time on your Tomato Timer, choose a version that interests you and look up more verses to read!  Just choose that version in the drop-down box when you search. Smile

Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the journey into your Hero’s world – His Word!

If you have time, come back and tell us what translation and verse stood out to you!   Smile

Are you interested in sharing the gift of His Word with those who have no Bible in their language? Visit Wycliff to learn more.

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