Carrot Cake Smoothie

Carrot Cake Smoothie

[Pause for Bunny Treat]

All that study made me thirsty – for more of His Word and for this bunny treat!

Sometimes amazing things happen for ourselves when we are blessing others.  That’s what happened this morning (remember, I write ahead) when I made a carrot cake for my husband’s birthday.

I used the same carrot cake recipe from Fanny Farmer that I’ve used for years. If it works well, why search forever for a new one? (Pinterest life-sucker tip, free of charge 😉 )

My Vitamix once again made short work of the carrot grating, whirring along like it has for years.

TIP: Add a little of the drained pineapple juice and tamp the carrots down with the Vitamix plunger and your carrots will be ready for the batter bowl.

Carrot Cake Batter Melds into Carrot Cake Smoothie

When I noticed my Fannie Farmer Cookbook suggested I try a food processor to mix the batter, I thought I’d give the Vitamix a whirl at it.

I didn’t bother rinsing the blender from the carrot residue – the more carrots the merrier! – so I put the dry ingredients and the oil and the flaxseed “fake eggs” in and started the puppy up.

Hmmm, it got a bit bogged down.  Maybe I should’ve put the liquids in first?

The Vitamix gave the batter a good start, so I just scooped out as much as I could, finishing with a couple of spoon turns in the batter bowl.

Some of the batter was still stuck under the blender blades though. Not one to waste left over batter – even if it was only a couple of TBS – and I still had a half a can of leftover crushed pineapple, so I made a Carrot Cake Smoothie!

Carrot Cake Smoothie Ingredients

Here’s what I added to the blender, leaving the batter residue on the bottom to yum up the smoothie:

  • Carrots (orange)
  • Crushed pineapple (yellow)
  • Sweetened Flaked Coconut (white)
  • Vanilla extract (brown)
  • Soy milk (white)
  • Napa cabbage (green)
  • Ice (clear)

The colors are listed because I’m counting my colorsSmile

At One with the Bunnies

If I remember to do this again next year (I should jot a note in my cookbook!), I’ll go easier on the Napa cabbage.

When the subtle taste of the cabbage does come through, I think of the name of this cake recipe, Rabbit’s Carrot Cake, and find myself at one with the bunnies.   Smile

And somehow the pineapple and carrot (maybe the vanilla?) make it taste like an “Orange Julius” from my childhood.  Mmmmm, I’m loving my lunch today! 

Easy Cleanup

And the blender? Just whirl it on high with some soap and water and it’s clean! Now that’s a gift in the kitchen!


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