Hoot Owl Set: Crochet Basket, Pencil Case and Soap Saver

Hoot Owl Soap Saver, Basket, and Pencil Case

This basket was a hoot and a half to make! The hoot was watching it form nice firm sides and the half was the several half-times I had to take while making it.

The front- and back-post stitches with a double strand of worsted weight just about did me in.  But a few feathers here (does it look like feathers to you, too?) and a few feathers there and she’s done.  Smile

I’m learning a lot along those lines lately. Here a little, there a little and life gets lived. I don’t have to – nor can I – go at the pace I used to go at.

It’s not like I’m an owl flying across an ocean, no place to rest my wings.  As long as I keep flying, no one is clocking my speed.  And if they are, well, they should look to their own skies, to be honest.  Smile

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Hoot Owl Container

Here’s the It’s a Hoot Owl Container pattern on Ravelry.  (You’ll need a free membership, but it’s easy to sign up.)

While you’re on Ravelry, be sure to take a peek at the Red Heart Ravelry group monthly crochet alongs.  They’ve helped me stay focused on what I can do rather than what I can’t.  And I’m so thankful because … well … because.

Crocheters in the April “along” used the owl basket pattern to make a kitty cat basket, jungle-theme basket, flowery baskets, and more!

Pencil Case Pattern

The coordinating pencil case is basically a patterned-up Simple Pencil Case, in the same two colors I used in the owl basket.

The pattern goes something like this, but feel free to mix up your stitches and play with pattern:Butterfly, Pencil Case and Soap Saver

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Using Red Heart Super Savers in Carrot:

Chain 15.

Round 1: Working in rounds (ovals), sc in 2nd ch from hook and ea st across AND around.  Here’s an explanation of working crochet in ovals.

Round 2: Ch 1, sc around, join w/ sl st.

Rounds 3-4: Ch 3, dc around, join w/ sl st.

Switch to Red Heart with Love in Cornsilk

Just let the color you aren’t using drop, don’t fasten off because you’ll pick it up again soon.

Round 5: Ch 1, sc around, join w/ sl st.

Back to Carrot

Rounds 6-7: Ch 3, dc around, join w/ sl st.

Rounds 8-9: Ch 1, sc around, join w/ sl st.

Rounds 10-11: Ch 3, dc around, join w/ sl st.

Back to Cornsilk

Round 12: Repeat Round 5.

Back to Carrot

Rounds 13-19: Repeat Rounds 6-11.

Round 20: Ch 4, [skip one st, dc in next st, ch 1]. Repeat around. Join with sl st in ch 3 of beginning chains.

Round 21: Ch 1, sc around, join with sl st. Finish off.

Make the tie: Crochet a chain in Cornsilk long enough to weave in and out of holes in round 20.

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Soap Saver

The soap saver is basically a mini pencil case.  I just begin with 11 chains rather than 15. And make fewer rounds.

Basically, 2 rounds of sc, 2 rounds of dc, [a round of sc, 2 rounds of dc]. Repeat between [] once more. Finish as for pencil case.

The Butterfly


The butterfly pattern is the same one I use for Butterfly Babies. It’s a perfect little pattern to use up remaining yarn and make a coordinating gift.

Whether you fly high or fly low, or fly fast or fly slow, do this one thing: Keep flying. And resting.

Ok, so that’s two things.  Smile

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