Dark Art of Knitting Progress


I’ve been making progress in the dark art of knitting, as my son calls it.  Smile He only picks on me because when I’d met my first knitters and read my first yarn mysteries, knitters weren’t the friendliest bunch. Especially to crocheters.

It’s a confusing yarn world, and not one I’m going to attempt to untangle.

I’m just going to enjoy the variety of techniques one can use to turn a ball of floppy fiber into something useful. Or pretty.  Or pretty and useful.

Crochet Owl Basket to Knit Bag to Bread Basket

When I won the Red Heart prize package and it included a set of knitting needles and Red Heart’s Crochet and Knit Along on Ravelry featured baskets in April and I finished crocheting the owl basket early in the month …

Hoot Owl Container


… I thought, “Why not? I’ll try the knit bread basket.”

(Yes, I imagine that last thought is a run-on sentence for which my kiddos who have worked/are working at the college writing lab would fuss at me for. And there’s another sentence to give them something to feel superior to me about. And probably another.  And now a fragment. Gee, I’m good to them.)

Practicing My Purling (and Knitting)

Before I got started on my knit basket, I thought it best I practice my knitting and purling with my leftover owl yarn.

So I made this bag, my first attempt at making color changes in knitting.  Whatcha think?

Knit Bag

Reading a Knitting Pattern – Uh Oh

When I printed the knit basket pattern, and actually read it, they used words I wasn’t familiar with, like short rows.  My mind couldn’t wrap around the concept.

Knitting is different from crocheting, not better, not worse, just different.  Smile

So I checked with my co-along friends on Ravelry and they led me to You Tube videos, which led me to understanding short rows.  Oh, that’s doable!

Banana Doubts

When I doubted my half banana would ever turn into a basket …

Breadbasket looks like half a banana

… they reassured me I was on the right track.

And Ta Daaaah!

A basket! A real live knitted basket!

Big enough for bread rolls – or yarn balls. Guess which I chose!  Winking smile

Knit Yarn Basket

Well, there you go! My progress report in the dark art of knitting.

Dark Art of Knitting


It really isn’t so dark in here when you have friends walking with you.



Knitting friends who don’t mind hanging out with crocheters, that is!

And I’m finding them all over the yarn world – in real life and cyber!


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