Funky Lunch: Sweet PotatOats


Funky Lunch_Sweet PotatOats


While I’m on a funky spree, I thought I’d share my new favorite Funky Lunch, inspired by this!

It’s so easy to make I almost feel silly writing it down, but for you? Silly I shall be!  Winking smile

Pop a sweet potato in your toaster oven* or regular oven.  About 375 for 30-45 min.

I used to think that was SUCH a long time to wait, but nowadays, I just put the critter in the t.o. during a potty break from cyber space.

By the time I get back to the computer (yesss, I washed my hands!) and tweak a few words, edit a few pics, the potato is done.

Take the puppy out. It will be hot! (How did I forget that today???)

Cut it into chunks right on your plate.

I put half aside for tomorrow’s lunch.

Slap on some butter/margarine. Our new fav is Earth Balance -– it’s dairy-free!  Smile

Sprinkle with a small handful of rolled oats. Yep, the Quaker kind. Yep, right out of the cardboard canister!

Drizzle a little honey on the top, grab a fork and have lunch!

And it’s even better served on a caterpillar plate!

 Sweet PotatOats

This was so good I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s leftovers!

*My new toaster oven is my new best kitchen friend. Well, actually he’s tied with Evaaaaaa, my rice cooker.  Smile

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