I’d Rather Have Jesus Lyrics: A Christian Blogger’s Analysis

I'd Rather Have Jesus_Christian Blogger Theme Song

A few posts ago, I wrote that I would be sharing bits of our story.  It’s coming. But I had to lay a foundation for my soul to rest on before I leap off the cyberpage with my heart exposed.

Last post I shared the words to the Christian Blogger’s Theme Song. Now let’s look a little more closely.

If you aren’t a blogger, do read on. This could be Any Hobby-ers Theme Song. And beyond hobbies, anyone with a job – or a life for that matter!  Smile

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Here’s a copy of the words, in the public domain.

I’d Rather Have Jesus

Rather than analyzing the phrases in the order in which they are sung, let’s start with the line that caught my attention and made me giggle:

“I’d rather have Jesus than be king of a vast domain …”

Get it? Vast domain? If you’re a blogger, are you Smile-ing?

For Non-Bloggers  (I’d hate for you to miss the funny)

The domain is a website’s name and all the realms it controls.

For example, when you type in www.suzannebroadhurst.com that’s a domain name.

All the pages and posts and stuff are the realms the domain controls.

I’d rather have Jesus than be king of a vast domain.

See why it makes me smile? Winking smile 


“I’d rather have Jesus than be held in sin’s dread sway …”

This line wipes the smile off my face, but really does reach to the depths of the tarnish.

Why, oh why am I swayed by dread? The dread of those living yet dead?

“I’d rather have Jesus than men’s applause …”

Or women’s. Or even children’s.


“I’d rather be faithful to His dear cause …”

May all my be-causes be based on a heart for His cause.

God’s cause is an eternal cause, one that makes a difference here … and hereafter.


“I’d rather have Jesus than world wide fame …”

That’s a struggle for bloggers. We want to be useful, purposeful, even influential. It can look like we’re seeking fame, but who’s fame are we spreading?


“I’d rather be true to His holy name …”

How many times I’ve failed. And yet it is His very holy name and all His domain represents that lifts me up to keep walking on.


“I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold …”

Well, that sure takes the blogging pressure off! Smile

I may need to monetize more, but I don’t need to prioritize it above Him.


“I’d rather be His than have riches untold …”

With Him I have all the riches I will ever need. And more.

I may not be able to tally them up, or account for many riches on earth, but as His child, He promises to be my accountant, keeping the eternal books for me.

Daily Bread

“I’d rather have Jesus than houses or land …”

I’m thankful for my little cottage in the urban woods.

I wonder if I would be as thankful under a bridge? I hope I never have to find out.


“I’d rather be led by His nail-scarred hands …”

Much to be pondered … one Lord, one Master, one Savior, one Shepherd, one King … all in a servant … to the death.

Ezekiel 34:31


“I’d rather have Jesus than anything this world affords today …”

I want it to be so. I wish it to be so. But sometimes, it’s so very much not so.

But it sure is something to aspire to.

Like any good theme song should do.


It’s Your Turn

Do you have a theme song?

For your hobby? Your work? Your play? Your blogging? Your life?

Will you share this post? You may help ease the pressure they are under. And what a gift that is. Red rose



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