Crochet No More: How I Got Back on the Hook

Crochet_Back on the Hook

It was a low blow. I had looked forward to crocheting for my little ones. But now, no more yarn against their skin. At least acrylic yarn. And I couldn’t afford organic cotton yarn like doctors suggested. We could barely afford food and housing and medicine. Lots of medicine.

So I stopped crocheting. For a long time.

[Oh, just so you know, these Story Posts aren’t in chronological order. I thought about chronological order – for a long time. But staying timeline-correct offered me too many outs. Like, you know, “chicken outs”.]

Other Interests

Setting aside the crochet hook, I found other interests – like raising children and keeping them alive – to keep my mind, heart and hands occupied.

It wasn’t until we stayed at Ronald McDonald House in Colorado Springs, that I started to think about crocheting in earnest again.

Stress-induced Snacking

My mind was spinning with anxiety (more about that as the story unfolds), my nails had nothing left to chew, and my stress-induced snacking was killing me.

The RM House rule, No Food in the TV Room, probably saved my life. And it got me crocheting.

Cindy, one of our new Springs’ friends (the locals granted me honorary citizenship so I could call Colorado Springs, the Springs 🙂 ) gave me a skein of yarn and I think even a hook. Or maybe I had a hook? I don’t remember. Can we let my memory off the hook on that little detail?  

Preemies Abounding

With all the preemies coming into the world – and going home with their parents – I started crocheting a baby blue blanket. It didn’t get done that trip, but it did inspire me to crochet for other little ones even though I couldn’t crochet for my own.

I think it was the second year we were out there (I’m tired just thinking about it), that one of the RMH ladies said, “Can you make baby hats for preemies?”

Sure. I can do that. And I did. And I gave it to her. And she said:

Too big.

10 Min Preemie Hat

I went smaller.

Still too big.

Smaller yet.

Sorry, still too big.

Tears running down my face, I made the teeniest baby hat I’d ever seen.

Perfect! Red heart

Back on the Hook

And so, I was back on the hook.

I couldn’t crochet for my children who’s skin was so heated just under the surface that any bit of roughness brought fire to their senses and tears to their eyes, but I could crochet for other children.

They helped me find purpose for my nervous hands and I hope, in a little way, I helped them. They still help me now, and I hope I still help them.

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  1. It is great that you are able to help other children. But did you know that Christ provided healing in the atonement? We are redeemed from the curse of the law, Christ being made a curse for us, for it is written, “Cursed is anyone who hangs from a tree.”

    • Penny, thank you for your encouragement about helping children. It is truly a joy and an honor. About the curse of the law …

      Just as our sin is paid for at the cross of Christ yet we still sin while in this body of flesh, so our healing has been purchased and yet we struggle with illness and pain in the same body of flesh.

      The gift of God is that we need not wait until we are perfect (morally or physically) to serve Him and share His love and Word with others. 🙂

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