Preemies: Little Heads to Little Feet and Back Again

Little Heads to Little Feet

That bit of our yarn (you know, like story? Smile ) led me along life’s footpath to Operation Little Feet.

When we came back to Florida from our medical forays out west, I kept making preemie hats and baby hats by the bazillion. Ok, so that’s a total exaggeration, but I did make a nice healthy stack.

The Place to Have a Preemie

Delivering them to our local Ronald McDonald House, I learned something about hospitals. Not all of them have the same specialty.

The hospital in Colorado Springs, thankfully just 1/2 block from our Ronald McDonald House summer abode, was The Place to Have a Preemie.

RMH CS Living Room

The Place in a four-state area, if I have my geography straight.

No wonder they wanted preemie hats!

The Place to Bring a Child with Cancer

But the children’s hospital here in our town specializes in cancer treatment. So much so that when we volunteered there we met people from around the world coming to America to get treatment for their children.

Baby hats were appreciated, but not needed to the extent I was pumping them out. So I switched patterns to meet the need.

But my heart still beat babies.

Does your heart beat babies, too?

A Man With a Big Mission

About that time we had an unfortunate incident which led to a conversation, which led to a phone call, which is where I’ll pick up the story.

Calling the local USO, I spoke with Bob Ross, a man with a mission. A big mission. And a big heart.

When I asked if Navy families could use baby hats, he not only said a hearty, “Yes!” he added, “And we especially need preemie hats! We’re getting lots of preemies on the Navy base lately.”

He also asked if I might be interested in getting a program off the ground.

A program called Operation Little Feet.

Operation Little Feet

Now, how did God do that?

How did He take our hurts, our pains, our tears, our terrors and turn them for His glory, restoring a hobby I had placed on a shelf?

Somehow, He turned my heart for my own hurting babies into a heart for other’s babies and then turned it into a USO project that is growing by yarn skein leaps and crafter hops.

But more about that next time, because …

It’s Your Turn

Have you ever been thwarted in a hobby only to find God using it down the road a piece?

Are you currently in Thwart Stage where it seems like everything you want to do is being twisted out of your hands?

I had this thought from a song on my refrigerator for awhile:

When you can’t see His hand, when you can’t see His plan, trust His heart.

There’s just something amazing about being able to trust someone’s heart. And who better to trust than the Maker of Hearts?

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