Operation Little Feet Donations are Flying In!

Operation Little Feet Donations are Flying In

Operation Little Feet donations are coming in from all over the country!  I even received a phone call from a lady kitty-corner across the country in Oregon who read the article about Op Little Feet in our local neighborhood paper while she was on vacation. She’s sending a flock of baby hats!

And I’ve cyber-met some beautiful, courageous, patriotic, military-lovin’ families in our Operation Little Feet Ravelry group. I am honored to serve this group which is so willing to serve our troops while the troops serve us.  Star

Here are a few photos of packages members of the Ravelry group have sent to the USO:

pkuu Ravelry Donation to USO1

Regina8952 Ravelry Donation to USO1

You can find the pattern for the Shell Stitch Ditty Bag here.

Regina8952 Ravelry Donation to USO2

Triggerdaley Ravelry Donation to USO_1

Triggerdaley Ravelry Donation to USO_2


If you’d like to know which patterns they used, just slip stitch on over to the Ravelry group. I’m sure they’d be happy to share their pattern inspiration. 🙂

Many thanks to all those who have crafted and who are crafting for Operation Little Feet – the little feet of America’s troops!

Operation Little Feet


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