Homeschool Retirement Update: The End of the 2nd Year

Homeschool Retirement Update_2nd Year

It’s been awhile since I shared a homeschool retirement update, so here I am, still retired from homeschooling, having completed the hike – although there are still mountains in the distance.  In a nutshell, the parental view from up here is still truly amazing.

My children are now grown adults, walking with God, seeking educational and artistic adventures, while maneuvering through the mine fields, whip lashes and external pressures of the world’s system.

There are some things I never wanted my children to experience. And yet they have. It breaks my heart, but it is reality. And we all live in reality whether we like it or not.

We may not respond or react to reality in a realistic manner, but we all leave a wake in reality.

Riding Wakes

I read that phrase recently – about leaving a wake – and it resonated.

My daddy used to have a boat called the NVR-NO-WHN because we never knew when we’d be able to go out on the seas. Our boat didn’t go fast, but it did leave a wake. A nice gentle wake I would ride in a dinghy or on a boogie-like board, towed behind the larger craft. Someone always kept an eye on me to make sure I didn’t tip off into the seas.

Gentle wakes good.

Giant mean wakes from fast-moving water vessels bad.

Leaving Wakes

I am sad, so very sad, for the wakes left behind by others that my children have had to ride over.

And I am so thankful they are riding the wakes in a way that leads them to the eternal shore, not away from it.

Riding Wakes

Pondering Wakes

All these waking thoughts led me to ponder the wake I leave now, the wakes I have already left behind.

I am not the final shore; I am only a boat passing through on my own way to the final shore.

I pray that my wake rocks people toward Him rather than away.

Post-Homeschooling Wakes

What do I see from the peak of homeschooling, high school graduation two years in my wake?

I see young adults leaving wakes of their own.

And it blesses my soul, knowing that their hearts are to gently rock people toward Him too, be it through their writing, teaching, painting, drawing, playing, serving, or gaming – both at home and beyond.

Was Homeschooling Worth the Bumpy Ride?

Yes. Absolutely yes.

The wakes they leave and the education received (theirs and mine) make all the hours, days, weeks, months and years of planning and praying, saving and spending, crying *and* continuing worth it.

At the end of the hike, I look back and see God’s faithfulness.

Sunset on the hike

A Glimpse of His Faithfulness

If a glimpse of His faithfulness isn’t educational, then all the math, all the English, all the science in the world is for naught.

And it’s not. For naught, I mean.


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