Funky Lunch: Cherry Cream Cheese Waffles

Funky Lunch_Cherry Cream Cheese Waffles

I’ve been playing around with lunch. Trying to sneak in a few whole grains, a few fruits, a few veggies in my mid-day meal, lunch needs to be quick, easy, and affordable. And I need to make it memorable so I remember to make it!

Here’s a funky lunch I created that is very memorable! To my tastebuds!

Whole Grain Waffles
While egg-free whole grain waffles are warming in the toaster oven – about 5-7 min or so – I open a bag of frozen cherries.


I pop a handful of said cherries in a pan on the stovetop, on med-low, with a small smackering of sugar. If you want to leave the sugar out, sprinkle a TBS or two of water in with the cherries to give them something to swirl in.

The toaster oven ding will remind me that I have something on the stove.

Cherries in Pan
While everything is heating up, I pull out my Armetale bowl – known in our Cozy Top Cottage as my Princess Bowl – and the dairy-free cream cheese.

Dairy-free Cream Cheese

When the dinger dings, I put the waffles on the bottom, spoon a small bit of cream cheese between the two waffles and over the top, then pour on the hot cherries.

My first batch I smeared on some dairy-free margarine too, but with the cream cheese I really didn’t need it, so I skip it now.

I eat around the crispy edges first, scooping up a cherry or two in each bite, saving the gooey middle for my last bite. Smile

Funky Lunch_Cherry Cream Cheese Waffles

It’s Your Turn

What’s your favorite waffle topping? Do you eat waffles for lunch?

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