Filigree Crochet Bracelets

RH CAL Bracelets

My granny used to work with crochet thread like crazy. In fact, by the time I came along, I don’t remember ever seeing her with worsted weight yarn.

So when the Red Heart Crochet Along on Ravelry chose thread-based jewelry in May, I knew I had to try it for ol’ times’ sake.

Not only did I make some very pretty jewelry …

Remember, I work on commission if you’d like a set for yourself or for a gift!Smile

I also gained a deeper appreciation for all those hours – years! – Granny spent crocheting queen-sized bedspreads from thread like this. She called it crochet cotton, if I remember right. And always in Ecru.

I have some of her more colorful work, too, so she must have made those before I was born – or at least before I remember checking dye lots at the store for her.

Oh I almost forgot! Here’s the recipe for the bracelets on Ravelry: Filigree Bracelet.

And while you’re on Ravelry, stop by and visit my designer page and say hello!  Smile

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  1. Ginger Robles says:

    How much do you charge for bracelet set (XMas styles & colors) for an 8 yr old girl? Thanks Ginger Rpbles

  2. Thank you for your interest, Ginger! I just sent an email with info. 🙂

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