A New Homeschooling Page is Born

Just so ya know …

I sprinkle homeschooling posts on this blog, so if you homeschool, or know someone who does, or are curious about the subject, feel free to browse.

You can also find (at the time of this writing) around 70 of my homeschooling posts at Bright Ideas Press. Not to mention a few study guides in their Illuminations curriculum. (Oh, I guess that counts as a mention.  🙂 )


I thought it was time to begin gathering those homeschooling post links here on my personal blog. Scooping up images and making a page is something I can do, and it’s good for my brain to have something to do right now. Always.

It’s a gathering in process, but with the summer homeschool planning season I want to help you even if I can’t get all the titles listed before this goes live.

All that yappin’ to say:

Here’s the new page:   Homeschooling Posts on Bright Ideas Press.

Happy Summer Planning!

(Oooh, how I miss those days!)


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