Yarn-bombed Metal Chain for Combination Lock

Yarn-Bombed Chain for Lock

Shazam*! A purple lock! Where were these cute lock colors when I was in high school?  Inspired by the purchase of a purple padlock, I jazzed up the metal chain on a plain white supplies cabinet. Not only will it look nicer, the yarn will keep the metal from damaging the cabinet.

Yarn-Bomb Linked Metal Chain

Begin by attaching yarn with a sl st.  Using the tail and the attached-to-the-skein yarn, I made a square knot for good holding measure.

Attach Yarn to Chain

Begin SC-ing into the chain as if crocheting into a yarn ring.

Begin SC in Chain

Slide the stitches down the ring so that you are working down one side of the chain.

Keep making scs down the side. I put 8-9 sc in each link. More scs will make the chain stiffer.

It twists a little because of the link connections, but in general you’ll see that you are working down one side.

Continue SC Side of Chain

When you complete one side finish off (cut the yarn).

One Side of Chain Yarn-Bombed


Attach the yarn on the other side of the last link you crocheted into and work scs down the second side. And finish off. That’s it!

The reason for cutting the yarn between sides:

The metal lock shackle will rest on metal sections of the links so the yarn won’t fray at the well-used spot.

Yarn-Bombed Chain with Lock

Pretty purple chain, happy lock!

It’s Your Turn

Have you yarn-bombed anything for practical or pretty reasons?

P.S. I am a huge fan of LEGAL yarn-bombing. If you want to yarn-bomb a space (public or private) get permission first. It takes time, and in public spaces taxpayer dollars, to clean up creativity. 


*Hanging out with deck building game-obsessed young adults has transformed bits of my vocabulary.  And yah, I admit it, not only do I really like the young folks around, I really like deck builders.  🙂  Technically, the young people only say Shazam in reference to using a particular card (or cards), but now that it’s back in my vocab, I can use it any way I want. Unless we play DC Comics: Heroes Unite 🙂

Reality Check:

Just had to pop in and remind the world at large that I write ahead … waaaay ahead. Good thing I do because life has not been what I had planned for reality. I’m hoping to get back in a writing pattern before I run out of pre-scheduled posts.

But if I don’t, well, God will still love me and that’s what’s really important about reality after all.


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