Pick a Frog, or Not Every Decision is Life Threatening

Pick a Frog_Not Every Decision is LifeThreatening

Some decisions are easier to make than others. When every decision I made for my young children seemed to either pull them back from the brink of end-of-life or push them closer to it, my decision-making skills slumped to near paralysis.

I didn’t realize how bad it was until I went shopping for fabric with my friend, Pat. She’s just about nearly one generation older than me and a treasure to my heart. She’s part sister, part mama, part aunt, part grandma-to-my-kids, and all love.

Miss Pat

Miss Pat walked with our young-ish family when the path was filled with mines and the thorns were poking through my sandals and out of my heart. And she keeps walking with us today. Just from a long, long ways away.

Shopping for Tree Frog Fabric

One day years ago now, she took me shopping. I wanted to buy a little bit of fabric for an outdoor pillow for our front porch.

Our homeschool mascot was the tree frog, so I really wanted to find a cute frog fabric.

Tree Frog by Suzanne Broadhurst


Enter the Problem

I found several frog-esque fabrics.

I had to make a choice. From options. All with the same price tag.

  • What if I choose wrong?
  • What if I pick a fabric today that I hate tomorrow?
  • What if the fabric doesn’t look right on the porch?
  • What if my family doesn’t like the fabric?
  • What if the color fades quickly?

And on and on … and on went the internal questioning.

I Might Choose Wrong

I wasn’t asking the questions out loud, but they sure were screaming in my head.

I. Must. Choose.

And. I. Might. Choose. Wrong.

A half an hour later, I was still standing in the same spot, familiar tension building in my soul and shoulders. But I still couldn’t decide.

My sweet friend, Pat, came back around to the fabric section, took one look at my anxious face and said words that changed – and continue to change – my life:

Not Every Decision is Life-Threatening

You would have thought my first instinct would be to relax. But it wasn’t.

So many of my decisions had life-threatening consequences – for years.

How could a decision not be life-threatening?

I started asking myself different questions:

  • Is this fabric going to be next to my child’s skin? No.
  • Will this fabric be eaten? No.
  • Is this fabric going to be inside the house? No.
  • Will I have a gun put to my head if I choose the wrong pattern? No.
  • Will my family still love me even if they don’t like the fabric? Yes.

What if I choose wrong?

But, Pat, what if I choose wrong?  (Some fears are easier to let go of than others.)

She said calmly, confidently, “You will come back and buy a different fabric.”

But that costs money. Surprised smile

“Yes, but not much. God will provide. It will be ok. Just choose.”

I Chose

Wow, that’s so simple. Just choose.

Just look at the options and make a decision.

And I did. And I loved my frog fabric. Smile

Frog Fabric

Over the years, the colors faded, the threads weakened and the pillow is no longer on the porch.

There and Gone

All that time making a decision about something that was there for a few years … and then gone.

How many decisions do we make a day regarding things that, like my tree frog-covered pillow, are here one day and gone the next?

Not every decision is life-threatening, but some certainly are. And one is particularly eternally life-threatening. One that we need to take uber-seriously.

More seriously than any other decision we’ve made.

We need to consider our two options and choose.

Must Choose

It’s Your Turn

  • Have you made the Ultimate Decision?
  • Have you accepted what Jesus Christ did on the cross for you, bearing our sin, paying our punishment so we could each have a relationship with the Creator Himself? It was all out of love! I encourage you, choose Him.

John 11:25-26

I could have left the fabric store without any fabric in hand. Sad smile

Choosing Not to Choose is Still a Choice

I hope you choose well!

Because YOU are loved!

Red heart

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  1. I can relate! I often get decision paralysis. Lately it’s over which frying pan to buy! Don’t want to be toxic, now…

    • Giggling, yep, been frying pan shopping myself, researching all the options, even praying I choose the safest one.

      All the while, in the back of my mind, picturing my imaginary Afghanistanian friend bent over her outdoor fire making flat bread wishing she had a pan – any pan!

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