Chevrons: A Pencil Case and a Gift Bag


Chevron Gift Bag and Pencil Case


I really enjoy the Red Heart Crochet Alongs on Ravelry. The month of July we made chevrons. The pattern was for a chevron pillow, but I didn’t want to make a pillow so I adapted the pattern to make smaller items.

Chevron Pencil Case

The first attempt came out pretty small. I used fewer starting chains (somewhere around 66 ch), forgetting that the starting chain would be sucked into deep V’s shortening the width.

Chevron Pencil Case

Noticing the width was quite narrow, I only made it four color stripes deep. When I folded it in half for the bag and stitched up the side seam, it came out more pencil case-size for Operation Christmas Child.

Chevron Gift Bag

The second attempt (using the original pattern starting chain length and 6 stripes of color) came out just right for an USO: Operation LITTLE FEET ditty bag.

Chevron Ditty Bag
If I remember right, after folding in half and seaming the side, I added a round of *ch 3, sk st, sc in next st* around. Then 3 sc in each ch-3 sp around. A long chain was threaded through the ch-3 spaces to make a tie.


My daughter asked why they had legs. 😉

I’d been thinking about those points, so I mentioned to the group that I’d like to figure out how to fill in the missing triangle at the top and bottom and one of the ladies pointed me here. I love how this group shares their talents and experience!

I haven’t tried it yet, but it sure looks like it will work.

Mouses and Russian Dolls

In August, the Ravelry group will be crocheting cute little mouses (I know technically it’s “mice” but mouses just sound so much more cuddly) and knitting beautiful Russian dolls.

At least I hope I’ll be able to knit the doll. One thing the attempt will do: streeeeeetch my skills.

It’s fun to stretch when one can frog.


It’s Your Turn

  • Do you like to stretch your skills when you know you can erase? or delete? or frog?
  • What pattern have you adapted to suit your needs or whims?



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