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Presidential General Election 2016


Worksheets 2016 Presidential Election

In this land of the free, citizens have the right to vote for their candidate of choice. With the right comes a responsibility, although not a necessity, to vote based on knowledge of the issues and the candidates.

I confess, there was a time when I voted based on the sound of a candidate’s name. It was a long, long time ago and it was a fruit of having little instruction in governmental matters and my right to influence.

Homeschooling my children made a big difference in my understanding of and approach to the political process.

A Slew of Presidential Contenders – How Do We Choose?

Facing a slew of presidential contenders in 2016, we need to embrace not only the freedom we have fought for – and continue to fight for – we need to garner all the bravery our country and God afford to sort through the candidates and their plans. Or lack thereof. 🙂

Worksheets Make the Decision Easier to Decipher

To make the decision-making process easier, I developed printable worksheets to track your responses to the upcoming debates and to record information gleaned in the (long, long) political process.

I highly encourage you to print out copies for your children, as well as for yourselves. What a great time of life to learn to listen, to ponder, to evaluate big important thoughts!

We have the right and responsibility to teach children about our rights as citizens, even while we learn about it ourselves.

Printable Decision-Making Worksheets for 2016 Presidential Election

The images show page one of each pdf printable worksheet.

The Candidates_Republican

The Candidates: Republican


The Candidates_Democrat

The Candidates: Democrat


The Issues

The Issues


My Score Card_Republican

My Score Card: Republican


My Score Card_Democrat

My Score Card: Democrat


Consider This_Talking and Listening Points

Consider This: Talking and Listening Points


Note: Not all candidates are listed (I was surprised how many are actually running on both sides of the aisle), so I left room as write-ins for some of the lesser known candidates and/or any that enter the race as the calendar pages turn.


UPDATE: Many thanks to @RGordonJones on Twitter for the suggestion to add a row to prioritize the issues. While I was adding the row, I put the issues in alphabetical order. You can get the updated versions of the worksheets here.


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