Eating Out – of the Pantry

Eating Out_Of Our Pantry

In preparation for hurricane season and to work with a budget in flux, along with a few other challenges of life which shall not be named, a few months ago I decided we would eat out every night. Not eat out as in eat at a restaurant or order take-out, but eat out as in eat out of our pantry. And our freezer.

For one month, my goal was to buy only:

  • soy milk
  • fresh veggies
  • fresh fruit (when the apples were gone)
  • bread (when bagels and tortillas were used up)

Whatever we had on hand we ate.

This was our first meal Eating Out – of the Pantry:

Simple Asian Tacos

Simple Asian Tacos


Courage to Face the Pantry

Sorry I don’t have actual food pics to show you. I didn’t think this meal was that big of a deal at the time. It came about under circumstances beyond my control, but not beyond my influence.

Looking back, I see that this simple dinner idea gave me courage to face the rest of the pantry and freezer (and some of those unnamed challenges).

We even found a jar of artichoke hearts I bought for a Some Day Treat. Some Day had arrived so we tossed them in a pasta salad!

We also found a few items waaaaay beyond their expiration date. Oops.

Clearing off the shelves brought old purchases to light, making room for new.

And reminded us all to be thankful for the daily bread that God already provided. 🙂

It’s Your Turn

  • Have you ever set aside a period of time to Eat Out – of Your Pantry?
  • Did you save money?
  • Did you discover some treats you’d been saving for a special day?

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