Taj Mahal Meatloaf, or Passions Pooh-poohed

Taj Mahal Meatloaf_Passions Pooh-Poohed

Have you ever had your passions pooh-poohed*?

Pursuing Our Own (Say Whaaaaat?) Passions

Every so often, a mom has time to pursue her own interests.

As the children get older the time-for-ourselves factor waxes and wanes based on their (and our) ever-rollercoasting maturity levels.

When they reach college age, our children still need us (yah, I was surprised, too!), but not quite as much as they used to.

In fact, I seem to have more time than I’ve had since summer vacations when I was a kid.

Passions Pooh-Poohed

As time allows us to explore interests, it also opens doors to pooh-poohing.

You’d think homeschoolers should be used to it.

Homeschooling wasn’t exactly a world of complete acceptance and cheers from the world’s grandstand of onlookers.

At times, I had to learn to stand for my right – and my privilege – to homeschool.

I had family and friends who stood by me, encouraged me, and lifted my arms when they grew beyond weary (for whom I am uber-thankful!), but I also had to stand for my right – and privilege – to choose how to homeschool and what to teach.

You’d think I’d have thick skin by now. But I don’t.

Maybe I have thick-er skin, but it’s still easily bruised. And now I know how easily it bruises 🙁 – and how easily others are bruised. Sad smile

We aren’t exactly watermelons. We’re more like peaches. Or bananas. Bananas

Bruised Peelings

Sad to say (and hard to admit), over the years I’ve found myself pooh-poohing others’ passions, just as they pooh-poohed mine.

I recently had my yarn time scoffed at, bruising my peelings.

So what do I have to say about that? Well … I don’t like food art. So there. Nyah-Nyah

Like most people, I tend to dismiss others’ interests when my own are dis’d.

(But I learned something this time around, so hang on and keep reading, ‘k?)

Taj Mahal Meatloaf

In my mind, making meatloaf to look like the Taj Mahal, unless doing a homeschool history lesson, seems like a lot of work for a momentary bite of food.

Taj Mahal

Maybe it’s all the life-threatening food issues we’ve faced as a family that gives me a different perspective on food.

It’s hard to play with something that might kill ya.


Perspective: The Rub on the Chicken

But there might be the rub on the chicken: perspective.

  • If I walked in the moccasins of some of my high school classmates, maybe I would be a gang member, too.
  • If I walked in the moccasins of some of my parenting peers, maybe I would make a Taj Mahal meatloaf.

I mean, we did make giant allergy-free cookies shaped like the circulatory system in elementary science.

How much further off the food chain would I need to go before I made a meatloaf in the shape of a mausoleum?

And Who Says Taj Mahal Meatloaf is Sin?

A study in 1 John in Sunday School is reminding me of this truth:

If we are interested in God’s interests, then His opinions should be increasingly our opinions.

There is such a thing as sin, no matter what kind of bad press the word gets.

But who says Mausoleum Meatloaf is a sin?

What if meatloaf makers are lifting their meaty creations to heaven offering it as a sacrifice of time and love for their history-loving family, making memories to last a lifetime?

And several lifetimes if pictures are taken for the family album – and shared with a cer-tain blog-ger at suzannebroadhurst.com. Who me?

Does That Mean We Have to Make Meatloaf?

Do we have to make Mausoleum Meatloaf to love our family, to show our love for God? Of course not!

Even if we want to do all the things everyone wants us to do,

if we did do what they want us to do,

we wouldn’t have time or energy to do what we love doing.

What if we are busy offering our own interests to the Lord for His use to encourage others?

  • It is our love that God wants because it is love He gave.
  • It is our love that our families want.
  • It is our love that our communities want.

Not necessarily our meatloaf. (Well, not my meatloaf anyway. Winking smile )

Not Enough Spoons to Make Meatloaf

Besides, I don’t have enough spoons to make Taj Mahal Meatloaf.

Ok, that’s not true. I have enough spoons, but if I ever do make TMM, I’ll have to forgo some crocheting, some knitting, and probably some standing upright activity.

I only have so many spoons.

And thanks to my friend M with MS, I know it.

Influencing with Spoons

While others use their spoons to touch the world their way (with meatloaf) I need to use my spoons to influence my way (with yarn and keyboard).

And you need to use your spoons to influence your way.

It’s Your Turn

Offer the interests you have to God and ask Him to lead you to glorify Him with the tools He provides.

Offering Your Interests to God

Sometimes that’s a hook and sometimes that’s a meatloaf pan.

If He gets the glory, who are we to pooh-pooh*?

Now may the God of patience and comfort

grant you to be like-minded toward one another,

according to Christ Jesus,

that you may with one mind and one mouth

glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

– Romans 15:5-6 NKJV

The Asterisk of Explanation

*Pooh-poohing (Suz definition): Looking at what others are doing and declare it a sin of time wasting, while lifting our own interests to the altar to be blessed.

Yah, I know.

I should look up “pooh-pooh” in the thesaurus and see if I can find a more sophisticated word to use. But that doesn’t sound very fun.

Ok, well, maybe the thesaurus part does. Nerd smile

I’ll be right back …

Pooh-pooh synonyms (thesaurus.com): belittle, play down, discount, disregard, brush aside, scoff at, sneer at, wave aside.

Oooh, that was fun! A thesaurus truly is nothin’ to sneeze at.  Winking smile


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