Prepare by Taking a Break


Do You Prepare by Taking a Break

How do you prepare for beginning of a big season? Do you put your brain up and rest? It’s not the typical thing to do, but maybe it’s what we should do.

Fight Frenzy with Frenzy?

Typically, we make our lists, get busy scrubbing this, cleaning that, pressing this, pounding that. We set up, we take down, we move around, and we buy, buy, buy. Even if we aren’t (for one reason or another) physically busy, we plan, plan, and over-plan.

We tend to fight frenzy with frenzy.

Fighting Frenzy with Frenzy

I’ve done life that way for a long time. I’m trying something different this year. Wanna join me?

First Step: No-Planning Holidays

That was my first step. I shared with my family that for one year I would do no holiday planning. Making the announcement on April 1st may not have been the most effective date to convince them I was serious. Winking smile

April 1st_You're Not Serious

Keep in mind, I have college-age kids. No little ones to misunderstand and think Mommy doesn’t love them any more. Red heart

Second Step: Stepping Away and Reaping Rewards

It’s not been easy stepping away – and remembering to step away! – but it’s been rewarding.

I’ll try to remember to share the rewards in a later post, but for now I need to take the third step …

Third Step: Brain Rest as a Form of Preparation

Now that I’ve had some no-planning practice, I’m going to step out and take a brain break before Operation Christmas Child season begins.

There’s a lot of planning, coordinating and thinking that goes into a smooth (praying for another smooth!) shoebox season, especially when one needs a lot of physical help, so …

Instead of going bonkers with busy-brain before it begins, I’m going to break away from blogging for a bit.

Resting is Preparation

Back to School Prep

With back-to-school season in full swing, maybe this is good timing for you, too?

Do you take time to rest before a new season?

Or at the beginning of a new season to give yourself transition time?

To Remind Us to Rest …

I’ll schedule a few “encouragement to rest” posts – super simple ones – to fill in the few remaining calendar blanks between here and Sept 8 when the countdown begins. Red rose

Sept 8, that’s exciting! And almost here! I’d better get busy with my break!

It’s Your Turn

The more planning we do now

even if it’s a short-term commitment to not plan

the less stress we (may) face later.

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