The Lord is My Shepherd


The Lord is My Shepherd Meme


I’ve been going through some stuff. I imagine you have, too.
It’s life in a fallen world.
But we aren’t alone.
At least, we don’t have to be.




I’ve been re-more-deeply-discovering that the Lord is my shepherd.
My shepherd.
He shepherds me.




And sometimes, He shepherds us by calling us in from the field.
To rest.


When He does,
I look over my sheepy shoulder and look at everyone else in the field, and wonder what I did wrong to be called in.




Then I realize, He just wants to take care of me.
Yah. Me.




And He wants to take care of you, too.
Will you let Him?




Psalm 23


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  1. Norma Nguyen says:

    You are so right…We Moms, tend to care for everyone else, both family, friends, even strangers… but fail to maintain ourselves… So Our Shepherd gently brings us in to do so…

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