Life Hurts, But Keep Advancing

Life Hurts Keep Advancing

I need to share a quick Reality Check before my posts go into full Operation Christmas Child mode for the 10-week countdown. You don’t mind, do you?

That meme up there ^^ sums it up.

Life hurts.

but we must – even when we don’t feel like it and the darkness feels like it’s closing in and the fog is rolling into our soul and all feels lost but God knows where we are so we trust Him to do what we cannot –

Keep advancing.

Advancing by Strides, Steps, Micro-Inches

We may advance by great strides.

Or wee steps.

Or on bruised knees, crawling micro-inch by micro-inch in the presence of our Shepherd.

Advancing by Resting

Or by resting. Even if the rest is a struggle.

I mean, even if the rest we are resting in itself is a struggle.

We know the rest of life is a struggle.That’s why we need to rest.  Island with a palm tree

Our minds don’t rest easily, even when our bodies concede to cooperate.

And That’s the Reality Check

I’m resting (and struggling to rest) with my Shepherd, crawling forward on figurative knees.

What else could I do? Where else would I go?

But to Him. With Him.

So if when tomorrow’s post begins all happy-snappy and jolly-wolly it’s because of Him. Always. And forever.

It’s Your Turn

God in all His majesty, might, love and mercies is there – right there where you are – for you, too. As long as life on earth shall last.

And hopefully beyond. But that’s a decision we are each gifted to make in the here and now.



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