Three Crocheted Mice

Travels of Three Crocheted Mice

Do you have a hobby comfort zone? I do! Sometimes we need a little bump from friends to get us moving in a new direction. (Oooh, that’s deeper thought-waters than I expected to encounter while revising that sentence. I think it deserves a quote box, do you?)

Sometimes we need a little bump from friends to get us moving in a new direction.

Red Heart Crochet Along on Ravelry once again inspired me to crochet outside my comfort zone.  And I discovered a new love: crocheted mice*!

Meet Lavellen

Lavellen the Mouse

Lavellen’s color was inspired by my daughter, Winter, who was convinced lavender was the perfect mouse color (I now agree!), and by my friend, Ellen, who got me out of the house when the cottage walls were pressing more tightly than they usually are. Red heart

Lavellen's Bow

Lavender being Ellen’s favorite color, Lavellen in lavender was born!

Meet Tobias

Tobias the Mouse

I made my second mouse (wondering if I were really in love with the pattern or just a bit crazy) in a country brown, planning to go with a red/white gingham bow for a bit of downhome love. While working on the critter, I was thinking of girls’ names.

As the mouse parts came together in my zippered plastic bag waiting for assembly, my daughter named him Tobias, since we were watching NCIS at the time.

So Tobias he was. And Tobias he is. Some crochet sonograms are just like that. Winking smile

Meet Spiffy

Spiffy the Mouse

Spiffy was my own color creation top hat to tail. I kept imagining a red mouse in black top hat and bow tie. And that’s just how he came out. Some creations are like that.

What should I name this spiffy little creature?” I pondered as I arranged his photo shoot.

No one was around to change my mind, so Spiffy he is!

Three Mice on a Shoebox Adventure

My adventuring days have been pretty paused lately (ooh, I could do the paws-ed pun, couldn’t I?), so the next best thing is to send my friends on an adventure in my stead.

All three mice will be tucked into their very own shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child this year.

Who knows where they will end up? I hope they’ll write when they get there!

The Pattern

Oh, you might be wondering what pattern I used. Smile

If you are a Ravelry member, here’s my Lavellen and Friends project page so you can add it to your queue.

If you aren’t on Ravelry (it’s free and it’s awesome), here’s the place with the pattern.

Happy mouse hunting! I mean, crocheting!

It’s Your Turn

Who are you sending in your stead on a shoebox adventure? Tell us about it!

More crochet for Operation Christmas Child …

*To my friend, Mary N. in Colorado: I know what you might be thinking. “Mice are just one step away from naked mole rats.” Well, my friend, all I can say is: “Let’s hope not!”  😉


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