Serve With Peace – Operation Christmas Child Weekly Countdown: 9!

2015 OCC Countdown 9

Lights can be guiding forces or warnings of danger ahead. Or both! A countdown can be a guiding light or a pressure-mounting peace stealer.

While we count down, let’s keep the pressure from mounting up.

How many weeks do we have to pack shoeboxes? 9!

Stress can be a cue to slow life down, but so many times stress becomes motivator to speed things up.

It’s fine to speed things up when we know where we are headed.

However, if we aren’t sure about the road ahead and we mash the gas pedal, before we know it, we can go flying off a cliff!

Serve with Peace not Pressure

Rise Above the Typical

When you read this line from the song, Impossible, what comes to mind?

We can rise above the typical and be anything but usual.”

– from Impossible by Building 429

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Be Unusual

Did you know that the typical response to stress is to add more stress?

How many times have we felt stressed out only to get busier, fill our calendars fuller, pile our plates higher?

Let’s rise above the typical response to stress and be anything but usual.

Let’s wait upon the Lord, let Him be our strength, and guide us along the road ahead. Let’s …

Serve with peace, not pressure.

If you feel stressed, take it as a cue to slow it down.

When God leads us to “speed up,” we’ll know it’s safe to do so!

Application to Operation Christmas Child

How does that apply to filling shoeboxes for children around the world?

We can let our heart’s desire become a stress point when we serve out of pressure, rather than peace.

For example, I really wanted to put together 50 shoeboxes this year. It’s a numbers thing. That’s why I wrote that bit about serving God, not numbers. I’ve been there, I find myself doing that.

Our heart’s desire becomes a fountain of peace when we serve out of peace with God, not pressure to wow Him.

Goals: Calming or Crazy-making?

I’m not sure I’m even near my goal of 50 shoeboxes. I actually don’t know how many boxes we’ll have this year. I’m just gathering here and there, crocheting and crafting like crazy because I love it and it is something I can do.

If I get 50 boxes, great. If I don’t, great.

How can we be so calm when we have goals to meet?*

Goals should be calming, not crazy-making.

We can choose peace over pressure.

*Do I always stay calm? Uh no! I’m still practicing! 🙂

 Remind me of that during Packing Week, ‘k?  😉

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  1. Hi thank you for sharing your awesome truly inspired me…I would like to fill a shoe box or 2…where do I send it too..what’s the name of organization? Thank you and God Bless

  2. How wonderful, Linda! You can either drop shoeboxes off at a local collection point or you can mail it directly to Operation Christmas Child. Here’s a link with both bits of info:

    Thank you for sharing your love!

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